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Kaia House Organics – nontoxic nail polish & remover

Already familiar with Kaia House Organics, (November, ’07) we were very interested in sampling their first-ever, summer nail polish collection.  So with their compliments we polished and removed, and now, file a Tried and True Green Products Review.


What we tried:  Bio-Polish Clear Skies Top & Base Coat, Soy Polish Remover and Miami; (L to R, above).
What we think:  We recommend them, and here’s why. (more…)

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

solar roofing tiles – green building innovation


During my recent trip to the sunny state of Florida, I pondered the reality of subdivision after subdivision covered in terracotta tile roofs.  The thought occurred to my sun scorched brain that Florida, California and many southwestern states would be a perfect environment for solar tile roofing technology.  I took up the search for a product that integrates solar cells into the actual tiles of the roof – foregoing the use of boxy, obtrusive, traditional solar panels and conforming to the pervasive roofing style.  I unearthed a partnership between two companies, California-based, US Tile, and SRS Energy, that has developed Solé Power Tile.


The Solé Power Tile system is designed to seamlessly integrate with US Tile’s traditional curved, clay roofing tiles, while incorporating advanced photovoltaic technology into the new tile’s design. (more…)

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Zipcar launches first all-electric car share pod


Zipcar continues to push the envelope in the car-share/car rental space.  The company is introducing the first Electric Vehicle Pod to be located behind Westminster City Hall, in London, UK.  The location will include an all-electric vehicle (EV) Citroen c1 and a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Toyota Prius.

In 2003 Zipcar became the first car sharing company to offer hybrids to its members.  In 2004, in partnership with Toyota, Zipcar offered its first EVs – the electrified Toyota RAV 4.  In the past 5 years Zipcar has added nearly 1,000 hybrids to its fleet. To date, the company estimates more than 100,000 unique members have driven an EV or hybrid providing members a great way to test drive and evaluate a wide range of alternative energy vehicles.  via: press release

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a melange of green news


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reclaimed driftwood Rockaway Bench


Back in the day, The Rockaways were commonly referred to as the “Irish Riviera,” due to the abundance of cops and firemen who took up residence there in the summer to enjoy the sun and surf just outside NY Harbour.  rockaway3.jpgToday, as the resorts of the 50’s and 60’s decay and get swallowed up by the dunes, you’re just as apt to find a surf fisherman in search of a Striper or an artist in search of raw materials than you are a bathing beauty or sunburned family of six.

The ‘Rockaway Bench’ created by Brooklyn designer, Palo Samko, is constructed of a chunk of an old Brooklyn dock or warehouse that’s fallen into the sea – only to be reborn as driftwood, and yet again as this weathered bench.  Is that Moby Dick peeking back at me?

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