Already familiar with Kaia House Organics, (November, ’07) we were very interested in sampling their first-ever, summer nail polish collection.  So with their compliments we polished and removed, and now, file a Tried and True Green Products Review.


What we tried:  Bio-Polish Clear Skies Top & Base Coat, Soy Polish Remover and Miami; (L to R, above).
What we think:  We recommend them, and here’s why.

Performance-wise: We like the brushes; the polish coats on easily and smoothly.  Miami was pretty to look at, and lasted; no early chipping or peeling.  Clear Skies claims to dry quickly, and it does.  Dubbed “super effective” and “non-drying,” the Soy Polish Remover does its job nicely, just be prepared to spend more time in this step of the process.  Conventional remover usually requires about 10 seconds per nail to remove the color, in this instance, it took almost a minute per nail to do it thoroughly.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely, hands down.  Overall, my nails actually “feel healthy” after experiencing these products, which was a welcome perk…and there were no nasty smells wafting about.  We all agree, once you try products like these, “there’s no going back.”

Eco-cred:  We also like these products for their body- and planet-friendly qualities.  As the company points out — Did you know toxic ingredients are absorbed directly into your bloodstream through your nails?  “All of these products are free from animal testing, Toluene, Phthalates, and Formaldehyde—ingredients in many mainstream polishes linked to cancers and birth defects.”  Diagnosed with Hyper-Glycemia and Pres-Diabetes at the age of 27, Kaia House Founder, Danna Nashaat “is dedicated to bringing the best organic and natural products worldwide at reasonable prices with transparent and toxic-free ingredients.”

We’re giving Kaia House Organics Bio-Polish and Soy Remover a Green Thumbs Up.  With Bio Chic hair care, Bio Bebe for the wee ones, and many more organic brands, you may want to bookmark this site and check them out. Find their Most UN-wanted List of ingredients and lots more @

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