aap1.jpgHere’s an eco fashion company we can get behind. Autonomie Project was launched in 2007 by a few good friends, (pictured at right).  This Boston-based group works exclusively with Fair Trade facilities and independent coops in developing parts of the world, encouraging self-reliance and teaching the not-so-fortunate how to prosper and thrive.

They also use a portion of their company’s funds for initiatives intended to uplift entire communities (ie: by building a health clinic or bringing a steady supply of water to a small, remote village) — making a positive social impact on our Earth and raising awareness about today’s most pressing global issues.


Tees, shoes, hats and bags are all vegan — and made from organic cotton, all natural FSC rubber, and eco-friendly and locally-sourced materials whenever possible.  more @ autonomieproject.com

Socially conscious consumers should support manufacturers who embrace the triple-bottom line (people, planet and profits) values, rather than companies who abuse the more disadvantaged and the planet, in their quest to merely increase profits.