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Kozo lamps – upcycled plumbing parts


Demo Design Clinic creates these fun-looking steampunk lamps from select, repurposed galvanized plumbing parts.

The Kozo lamps are sold at the Design2009 Etsy Shop prices range from $169 to $229.


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Monday, July 27, 2009

guilty pleasures & spa getaways

Inspired by the need for a real vacation, I uncovered a few fantastic places that I’d like to share with you.


For me, there’s nothing better than healthy spa treatments for relaxation and rejuvenation, when experienced in an exotic location — well then, it’s the absolute ultimate…

  • for a quick treat – instant relief for tired heads and feet –
  • yoga meets massage – physical and spiritual rehab –, san fran
  • been here, done this: mountains of solitude and rejuvenation – – santa fe, nm
  • one can dream:  aaah, the lap of eco luxury @, (photo, above) (ref: environment, here)

Curb some of the guilt with carbon offsets @ terrapass

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(2.15.09)  guilty green pleasures

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5 ways June Cleaver was retro green

juneclv1.JPGFor all you youngsters out there, June Cleaver was Beaver Cleaver’s mom on ‘Leave it to Beaver.’  The quintessential American mom, June kept the Cleaver ship floating safely over life’s frothy seas without any major catastrophes. Here are just a few of the ways June kept it retro-green.  Any fans of June should feel free to jump-in and add to the list.

  • Like many moms of the 50’s and 60’s June was all about DIY.  She sewed, crocheted, did needlepoint, and could whip-up a mean angel food cake or meal, from scratch.  No fast food for the Cleavers.
  • She never, ever, bought bottled water.  Every ounce of the Cleaver H2O came right out of the tap.
  • June was a class act and even wore a pearl necklace when doing her very green gardening.
  • The Cleavers went strictly local when shopping for food and supplies and had their milk delivered from the local, free-range dairy.
  • June was low emissions.  She rarely drove the family’s Ford Fairlane.
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a mixed bag of green news


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Bee Green organic cotton t-shirt


Designer Jen Smith created this t-shirt with a message for Holy Cow, a sustainable fashion boutique located in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota.

This playfully cute tee is made with organic cotton, screen printed by hand with water-based PVC-free ink and certified sweatshop-free.

We can all Bee a little greener.  $29 @

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