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a look back – the Isetta microcar


bmw_isetta.jpgBack in 1950’s post-war Europe, someone had a vision.   A teensy, microcar for zipping around around the bustling, urban streets of Europe. Thus was born the Isetta, or bubble car, the dinosaur grandfather of today’s Smartcar.  The car was originally created by the Italian automaker Iso SpA and later made by several carmakers.  You entered the vehicle by opening and swinging out the hood which had the steering wheel and instrument panel attached to it. (more…)

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

seasonal allergies – alternative relief

This article on alternative medicine is submitted by our good friend and acupuncturist, Janine Ptaszek.


Ahh… allergies.  ‘Tis the season!  And has been for months for some of us.  What to do?

There are the conventional antihistamines out there, the over the counter standbys that we don’t want to take but grab to make us feel better enough to sleep, jog, take care of the kids… you fill in the blank.  But while these may work for a little while, often we need to keep tapping into those bottles to keep our symptoms at bay.  Also, the side effects of medications can be worse than our allergies, and many long term affects are untested and unknown.

As Chinese medicine grows more popular, people are turning to acupuncture and herbs for allergy relief.  As a licensed acupuncturist in New York and NJ, I see many of these cases.  My experience is that it works. (more…)

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Powcell solar iPhone charger

All you iPhone and Blackberry fanatics can soon look forward to topping-off your tired batteries with an integrated solar charger.


The Powcell sleeve, which will charge via sunlight or most ambient light sources, is designed to fit nicely onto the back of your mobile device.  You can now pre-order one of these sleek, sustainable phone chargers – though there’s no word on when you can expect delivery…

more info, (£59.99) @

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a steaming stack of eco news


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a sustainable school lunch kit By Nature

The U.K.’s By Nature is launching a new range of kids’ lunch kits that are reusable and waste-free.


Reusable lunch kits can help eliminate the daily disposal of foil, plastic bags, used juice cartons and containers destined for the landfill, sidewalk or playground.  The colorful lunch sets come in a choice of kid-friendly caterpillar or butterfly designs. (more…)

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