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etsy earth takes flight

Pal Lee Tracy of Certaintees (also Fiddleheads, GreenGirlsGlobal and KittenintheEngine) fame, hit me with some good news the other day.

aee3.jpgShe and like-minded Etsy designers have teamed up to inspire progress in earth friendly efforts.  These independent creators are committed to sustainability and now offer their body- and planet-friendly wares @  Lofty ideals, handmade goods, common goals. Look for their personal care, clothing, accessories, baby items, stationery, housewares and garden supply shops filled with goods exclusively made with honest, down to earth values.

more eco info @

check out their live market on

(friendly plug – check out Lee’s nature-inspired art works.)


(above, L & R)

Type B tee organic cotton, ($28) @ lookforfiddleheads

Summer Breeze organic cotton tunic, ($74) @ windyhillfibers

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Friday, July 31, 2009

an eco bug repellent for a dog day afternoon

Seamus here, it’s finally Friday, and time for me to chime-in with my latest eco dog find.

Go ahead, make my spa day…Getting ready to romp around the compound pond, I’m taking a cue from one of my big screen heroes, Dirty Harry, and cleaning up my DirtyandHairy act. (more…)

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Ford explores using liquid wood in car making


Ford Motor Co. appears to be taking sustainability seriously.  Researchers at Ford’s European Research Centre in Aachen, Germany recently announced they are investigating an innovative, new wood-plastic compound (WPC) – or liquid wood.  The liquid wood material is created from a rubber compounding process.  Ford’s analysis has shown that the recyclability of liquid wood is excellent because the material can be reprocessed up to five times rendering an overall CO2 balance that is almost neutral.

The liquid wood material is part of a wider effort to integrate sustainable materials into Ford vehicles.  Other eco-friendly materials and processes:  soy-based polyurethane foams on the seat cushions and seat backs, 100 percent post-consumer recycled yarns in seat fabrics made from pop bottles and underbody systems, such as aerodynamic shields, splash shields, and radiator air deflector shields, made from post-consumer recycled resins such as detergent bottles, tires and battery casings.

Weren’t these the guys that didn’t suck up the bailout cash…

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clean energy for America – a work of art

asf1.jpgRemember Obama’s Hope, Progress and Change posters?  Created by controversial mixed-media artist Shepard Fairey, his latest work promotes clean renewable energy in his inimitable style.

Fairey’s hitched his easel and Power Up Windmill to and several other organizations, hoping to “cover September in windmills.”

($20/each) @ (MoveOn gave away 300,000 free stickers of the poster.)

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a melange of green news


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