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the OfficePod – small footprint garden office


Are the kids zapping your home office productivity?  Is your commute killing both you and the environment?  This small office concept from U.K.-based, OfficePod, is a one-room workspace that is designed to be placed in your backyard, garden or patio.


The Pod was created to create a physical boundary between home and work without the commute.  This garden office, which is designed strictly for work, is secure, eco friendly and an overall energy saver (air conditioning costs, commute, etc.).

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Nissan Unveils the All-New, Zero Emission LEAF

Last week, we were abuzz about Nissan’s newest: a 100 percent electric, zero-emission car that until this Saturday, had been kept tightly under wraps. Today, we can tell you that the compact cruiser is a five-passenger hatchback pod, designed from the headlights to the tail pipe (or lack thereof) with Earth in mind.


One example: take a look at the long LED headlamps (which use roughly 10 percent that of a traditional headlamp), crafted to slice and redirect airflow away from door mirrors when driving, cutting down on both drag and wind noise.


Available in the U.S. in 2010, the lithium-ion powered LEAF will travel 100 miles on a full charge and reach speeds up to 90 mph, making it a practical choice for urban types. With a “quick charger,” it can reach 80 percent power capacity within 30 minutes of plug-in, while charging at home will take a respectable eight hours. While pricing details have yet to be announced, we’re anticipating a cost that hovers near $30,000, falling into Nissan’s touted “affordable” bracket and also competitive with the much-hyped Chevy Volt, also slated for a 2010 debut.

For all the details, visit the new Leaf microsite, featuring a quick ping question-and-answer feature powered by Twitter.


And then, take a moment to lean back in your chair and envision your world – minus gas stations. Now that’s a Monday morning pick-me-up.

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The Green Children & Whole Foods Make Beautiful Music

Today, The Green Children, Whole Foods Markets and its Whole Planet Foundation announced a global campaign to help disadvantaged countries get financial assistance, through music.


The partnership assists disadvantaged countries in advancing financially through microcredit — a lending program designed to promote entrepreneurship and monetary growth.  (more…)

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a smoldering pile of green news


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GAD Baby – bold, bright reusable Cloth Diapers

Keep your baby happy and the landfills free of disposable diapers by using eco friendly reusable diapers.


These waterproof, stylish reusable diapers from GAD Baby are made from OCIA Internationally Certified Bamboo Velour, with an outer portion made of PUL fabric.  GAD (Green Acre Baby) also manufactures an eco-friendly cloth diaper/laundry detergent called Rockin’ Green which should keep those baby bottom liners fresh as a daisy even after many, many wash cycles.  Check out GAD Baby’s comprehensive FAQ on how to deal with washing, cleaning and other diaper-related issues.  Anyone tried them?  Please jump in…

You can purchase the diapers and learn more tips on their use, cleaning and benefits @

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