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recycled magazine frame


This colorful frame is created from recycled magazines.  Anyone out there in publishing?

Fits a 5″x7″ photo or picture – $26 @ twofold’s etsy shop

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mio Trask Lamp – low on energy, high on style


Mio’s Trask Lamp is designed to be a sustainable, customizable, low energy lighting fixture.  The lamp can be adjusted by the user into into table, task, or track lighting.

The Trask Lamp, which is made of recycled content, is recyclable and has an ‘environmentally preferable finish’.  The lamp’s body consists of laser-cut, powder-coated steel, LED strips and a few electrical components. The lamp blends energy efficient LED lighting with a flexible, adjustable form. Manufactured to ship flat, maximize material yield and eliminate cutting waste, the Trask Lamp invites the user to participate as co-designer by allowing the user to change the lamp’s shape and purpose.

The Trask body is made in the United States at a manufacturing location selected for its proximity to Mio’s studio as well as for its manufacturing practices and labor conditions.

The lamp stats: 42.35″ X 4″ – has a desktop cord length of 70″ – produces approximately 350 lumens, depending on configuration and comes in silver, white and chartreuse. $225 @

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Cacao Pearl – a luxury eco resort that gives back

This week, a surprising eco endeavor was announced in the travel arena: the world’s first non-profit, green resort community, which will be built on a 124-acre private island on the northern tip of the Palawan Biosphere Reserve in the Philippines.


The eco chic digs, known as The Cacao Pearl, Palawan, is raising eyebrows with a hearty commitment to donate 100 percent of operating profits to local environment protection and social improvements.


The upscale resort, complete with an infinity pool, spa, and organic gardens and bar, was designed exclusively for Cacao Resorts by former film art director Antonio Calvo (think “Pride & Prejudice” and “Love Actually”) and will be developed using sustainable construction, ethical management practices and ecologically responsible operations. At the end of the day, 100 percent renewable energy and operating profits will be funneled back into the local community.

Want a piece of the “guilt-free” pie? Interested buyers can purchase residences–and live in or rent them–by visiting The Cacao Pearl.

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