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THE COVE – eco film meets suspense


We just caught a Saturday matinee screening (along with 10 other intrepid souls) of THE COVE, the compelling documentary and eco-action film produced by the Ocean Preservation Society.

The doc follows the filmmakers’ journey to reveal the horror, carnage and death that takes place beginning each fall in a little cove in Japan.  The project’s spiritual catalyst is former “Flipper” trainer turned dolphin activist, Ric O’Barry.  The film found its creative spark in O’Barry’s quest to halt the exploitation and slaughter of dolphins worldwide, and more specifically, the heinous and barbaric annual bloodbath and murder of helpless dolphins in a tiny cove in the Japanese fishing village of Taiji.


Director Louis Psihoyos and producer Fisher Stevens assemble an “Oceans Eleven”-style team of world-class free divers, underwater sound and camera experts and Watergate-type adrenaline junkies to expose the horror that’s taking place under cover of night in the heavily protected and secretive cove.  The film also explores O’Barry’s personal struggle to fight the marine park industry he jump-started back in the 1960’s – which now manifests itself as the cruel capture, imprisoning and slaughter of beautiful dolphins.



As a movie going experience, THE COVE works splendidly as a real-life eco-caper movie.  The underlying themes of (more…)

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Off the Street – from Five Accessories

There’s a growing trend in e-commerce these days.  More and more resourceful types are looking to the streets for raw materials – literally, to create useful items from discards.  In this eco friendly process, creatives make a few bucks while less waste of all kinds winds up in our ever-mounting landfills.


Here’s (above) a cute find from Off the Street.  Handmade from can pop tops and pretty ribbon, this lightweight bracelet comes with a picture and story of the individual who made it, ($5).

Chicago-based Off the Street is an off-shoot of socially responsible, Five Accessories. Helping to support under-privileged children and local artisans through their philanthropic efforts, Five Accessories features high quality and affordable, Fair Trade and handmade handbags and jewelry from around the globe.


More recession-busting, this Recycled tote (above, L) is made in Cambodia from Vietnamese rice bags, (on sale now, $30).  Or you can stash your stuff in this roomy and stylish floral Orange and Olive Tote, (above, R), with nice eco cred for using natural dyes, ($45).  I like their bamboo, shell and coconut clutches from Bali, as well.
find them all @ Thanks for the tip, Theresa.

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