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earthwatch institute – Beat the Heat kick off

If you’re looking for a cool way to contribute to a greener world, check out Earthwatch Institute’s third annual Beat the Heat Climate Change Campaign kick off in Boston this Thursday, August 13 (6:30-9:30p).


bth2.jpgDonate an item to the silent auction, become a sponsor or simply chill out at their fabulous summer soiree.

The venue for this year’s party is the Washburn Pavilion, with striking views of the Charles River and skylines of Boston and Cambridge.

Tickets are $100/single or $175/pair in advance, or $125/each at the door.  Put on your party face and frocks — open bar, live band, food and drinks by Wolfgang Puck.

Founded in 1971, Boston-based Earthwatch Institute is currently the world’s largest environmental volunteer nonprofit organization.  With affiliate offices in the UK, Australia, and Japan, volunteers work with scientists to solve eco problems in more than 55 countries worldwide, focusing their research efforts on: climate change, endangered species and resources, marine biology and ocean conservation, and threatened traditional cultures.

Follow tweettheHeat on Twitter (they’re vying for 350 followers by Thursday).  If you’re a Facebook member, check out Beat the Heat’s event page.  Visit first wind, one of the event’s key sponsors; and learn more @

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Monday, August 10, 2009

SunCat solar catamaran


Taiwan-based, Horizon Group, is developing a series of zero-emissions, solar powered boats. The first boat in the program is the stylish SunCat 23, a 23-foot, open deck catamaran. The SunCat, which will be powered by a 2.8 kilowatt electric outboard motor, is capable accommodating twelve passengers at 6 knots.

The boat’s engine will be powered by a battery bank that will be charged by 4 solar panels capable of producing 760 watts of solar energy. On a full charge, the batteries will power the boat for a typical day trip. Horizon’s next addition to the solar line will be the SunCat 46 — a small, luxury multi-hull yacht.

At a top-end cruising speed of 6 knots, the SunCat will not be pulling any water skiers. No word on how long the batteries take to fully charge in direct sunlight. You may not want to get too far out to sea.  Gilligan’s Island?

source: marine business news

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UFO – Unidentified Feeding Object (plate)


UFOplateruggiero1.jpgDesigner Andrea Ruggiero has created the conceptual ‘UFO’ plate from a composite of potato starch, guar bean gum and a seaweed-like binding agent.  The plate is coated on the bottom with bird seed (I’d suggest sunflower seeds).

The prototype picnic plate is impervious to liquids, acidic foods and is nontoxic and vegan.  Upon completing one’s meal it’s time to get all ‘frisbee’ with your plate.  Find a tree, aim the eco tableware and throw it against the tree trunk.  The plate is designed to shatter, leaving behind a nosh for local wildlife.  The solid parts biodegrade in about two weeks.

One note: you might not want to flaunt this in front of aggressive Central Park pigeons and squirrels.  They may not have the patience to wait for you to finish your repast before they dig in.

Designed for InDisposed an exhibit rethinking the nature of disposable objects.

source: cool hunting

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a mixed bag of green news


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