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making a clean break

This month, dig around your local bookshop for the newest in green getaway roundups, “Clean Breaks,” just published by the ever-inspiring Rough Guides.

CBC.jpgDefined as “an inspirational vacation that benefits you, local communities, and the planet,” a clean break could refer to joining an Indonesian elephant patrol (it’s always humid, warn authors Jeremy McSmith and Richard Hammond) or sleeping out in a remote bothy (if you’re wondering, a “bothy” is a small stone hut once maintained by Britain’s farm workers). Unlike the Holiday Express, there’s no booking system, no key card and definitely no housekeeping.

Printed on nearly 400 pages of FSC mixed source paper in full color, this is one of those travel books you’re guaranteed to reach for on a rainy day. With 500 hidden gem travel ideas, it’ll keep you’re itinerary full for quite some time too. Buy it for $29.99 or take a peek here.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Burn Fat, Not Oil organic cotton t-shirt


The Swiss t-shirt maker, Bakoa, creates these organic tees with fun messages.

We could all use a little more exercise.

€ 24.50 – in white, blue, green and gray @

Hey, they ship worldwide.

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organic learning farms

This post was submitted by our newest contributor, Theresa Gould. Theresa resides in the Chicago area and is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and aspiring organic farmer.

Organic Learning Farms are a relatively new enterprise for organic farmers.


A Learning Farm is usually located on the site of a certified organic farm, or created in conjunction with an existing farm as a non-profit organization.  The farm learning centers provide hands-on experience for anyone interested in sustainable living through organic farming.  As consumers explore (more…)

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a steamy stack of eco news


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reclaimed tamarack pine workstation


For all you home office types – this versatile rustic cabinet from Urban Evolutions can be used as a console, buffet, computer workstation or, ultimately, all of them wrapped up in one.  The decorative wood edging on the cabinet doors is reclaimed tamarack pine.  The body of the console is constructed of reclaimed pine salvaged from barns throughout the midwest.

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