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Mingus little hemp purse


hempmingusbag1_1.JPGThis cute little hemp bag from ‘downunder’ is created by Mingus Design.  The bag features an illustration from their ‘Forest Folk’ series, printed on 100% hemp fabric in black water-based ink.  The purse is lined with the same hemp fabric and backed with recycled black or brown leather.

$34 @

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Friday, August 14, 2009

how low can you go? a back-to-basics car

Earlier this week, GM brought to life a new blog called “the lab,” that’s questioning consumers on what creature comforts they’re willing to trade for a bump in fuel economy.


The concept stems from the automaker’s ECOinitiative project and currently features two future vehicles dubbed “Bare Necessity Car” (above), and “Bare Necessity Truck, (below).”


Just like it sounds, the blog is taking a back-to-basics approach to vehicle design, asking what add-ons consumers (more…)

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upcycled compass cufflinks


Need some direction in your life? Try attending your next formal adorned with these compass cufflinks.

$17 @ ragtrader’s etsy shop

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a pungent pile of green news


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