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Chicks in the City organic cotton tee shirt


We’re always pecking around for the latest offbeat, organic cotton t-shirts with a green message.  This hand-dyed one from GreenGirlsGlobal packs a few different meanings.

The Chicks in the City “T” may announce your support for urban farming, cute double entendre, citified barnyard fowl, DIY egg creation and/or your local farmer’s market.  It’s all in the mind of the beholder.

$26 @ greengirlsglobal’s earthetsy shop

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Monday, August 17, 2009

reclaimed wood furniture by Gursan Ergil


Istanbul based, Gursan Ergil Design Studio, practices “environmental modernism” in the making of these great looking, handcrafted pieces of furniture. The furniture is created from reclaimed and recycled wood using traditional handcrafted joinery, wood shaping techniques.  Finishes are all eco-friendly.




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go guffly

Spontaneous shoppers beware: there’s a new site online and not only is it tempting in its peddling of green goods, it’s addictive too.


Each day, one new eco-friendly product takes center stage on, be it an organic dog bed (take note, Seamus) or a cool clutch. One “good stuff for good living” product per day—it’s that simple.

To keep the eco impact minimal, the company drop ships directly from supplier—a concept that’s integral to green biz, cutting overall carbon emissions and increasing cost savings. Look for labels that denote a product as recycled, organic, fair trade, sustainable, biodegradable or energy-efficient.


Founded by Jordan Contreras and Channel Scott, Guffy is a small-shop start-up (love to support ‘em) born in Bizdom U, a Detroit-based entrepreneurial academy.

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The Plant Cottage

plantcott1.jpgIt has always been a goal of mine to bring inside some of our herbal plants for the winter to have a fresh supply of herbs at my finger tips.  With fall just around the corner, The Plant Cottage attracted my eye and is just too charming not to share.

The greenhouse’s cabinet is made of pine and measures 25″ L x 12″ W x 40″ H.   Included in the set-up is an energy-saving T-5 fluorescent bulb — to last up to 30,000 hours, and with an extra long power cord.

The Plant Cottage was a recent winner of a 2009 MGA Green Thumb Award which recognizes outstanding new garden products available by mail or online.  “The winning products were selected based on their uniqueness, technological innovation, ability to solve a gardening problem or provide a gardening opportunity, and potential appeal to gardeners.”

I love that it has a rust-resistant metal liner, drawers to keep small gardening tools in or perhaps leftover seed packages and a shelf for watering cans, extra pots or to display gardening books. I agree with the MGA. This is a nifty little product that I would love to have grace our home.

Additional photos of different features of the Plant Cottage may be found at (Judging by the Cottage’s price tag it must be the Mercedes of greenhouses.) Its cost is $399.00

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