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Kaolin Crop Spray – organic sunburn protection for your trees

kaolin1_1.jpgWe all know how tricky it is to grow fruit that is purely organic because so many garden pests love the sweet, luscious taste of the fruit crop as much as we do.  Plus, fruit trees can also be victims of sunburn and all the problems it causes.  I discovered a product that seems to nip this in the bud.

While visiting the Chicago Botanic Gardens last week, we were walking around their fruit orchard and discovered they were using a new organic spray.  Being naturally curious, I decided to find out what they were using, it is called Kaolin Crop Spray. (more…)

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

put a lid on it – reuse a tin can

So much of the time, simplicity is the heart of invention. That’s certainly the case with these clever biodegradable plastic lids, designed by Northumbria University grad Jack Bresnahan and featured at last month’s New Designers show in London.


Shown as a set are nine lids that transform a used, tin can into one of several common household items: vase, soap dispenser, sugar caster, tea and coffee canister, toothbrush holder, money box and desk organizer.

According to, Bresnahan’s “aim… is to create products (more…)

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