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USB Tabletop Greenhouse

dreamcheekygrnhse.jpgWe’re delving deep into the novelty junkpile for this one.  This Dream Cheeky USB-powered greenhouse comes equipped with its own grow lamp (I know what your pot smokers are thinking, but this thing is pretty small) — a computer interface that monitors the plant’s condition, artificial soil and a pack of marigold seeds.

You can take a break from talking to your cat, and now talk to your new plant.

$27.87 @ (appropriately enough) Walmart

via: red ferret

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eco Pens – the biodegradable ballpoint

A Tried and True, Green Product Review

New on the eco scene are pens made of cornstarch, which, when disposed of properly, will biodegrade within a year.  When I saw these nifty Eco Pens, I had to try one.  They’re lightweight, bright, happy pens — they make you want to jot a note to a long-lost friend, while hangin’ at the beach.


Sleekly designed with a slit in the side so you can see when the ink’s running low.  There’s also a finger-friendly grip for comfort  and a removable, clip-on tip.  How does the ink hit the page?  With a clean line, for a smooth writing experience.  According to designer Adrian Olabuenaga, the Eco pen was “the result of a long development process,” a founder of ACME Studio, “it had to measure up to the standards we set for all our pens:  superior functionality and great design.”


We give the Eco Pen an easy green thumbs up.  In either white or 12 psychedelic colors, and with black ink only, grab yours ($1.98/each) @

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soji solar lantern


modsolarsoji1_1.jpgIt’s never too late in the summer to add a little sustainable style and atmosphere to your deck, patio or garden.

These Modern Soji each feature a little solar panel and 2 amber LED bulbs.  Powered by the sun – no electrical wires or outlets needed – just add cocktails.

the 9″x9″ lanterns come in 3 patterns and go for $39.99 ea. @

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lunch leftovers in a pretty package

Brighten up your lunch break by packing last night’s leftovers in one of these Artist Series Snap and Shut Bowls.


Designed by Matte Stephens and Amy Ruppel, each miniature piece of art is plastered on an easy-grip, (more…)

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a mixed bag of green news


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