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smart solar rotating plant basket


Want symmetrical hanging plants but too lazy to get out of your Barcalounger to rotate them?

This solar powered gadget is designed to slowly rotate hanging plant baskets for even light exposure and plant growth.  The brighter the sun, the more the basket is said to turn.  Powered by a small, integral low light solar panel.  No wiring or operating costs.  Claims to hold plants up to 27lbs.  You may just want to get a good old swivel ring and go DIY.

$14.95 @
via: coolest gadgets

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Monday, August 24, 2009

an altcon eco media minute

A green stimulus package for your eyes, ears and mind…


  • Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Green It Girl? Enter Project Green Search before September 16, ’09.
  • John Stewart eats Betsy McCaughey’s lunch.  Now this is must-see tv, via  Subsequent to her chat with John, the “death panel myth creator” resigned from the Board of Directors of Cantel Medical Corporation.
  • This could have been funny. Julia Stiles mocks celeb eco fashion designers @
  • You need to see The Cove.
  • Enjoy a round of old fashioned ping pong in a cool setting.  Head to SPiN.  (304 Park Ave S, NYC)
  • New eco fashion mag launched last week:
    4 issues/year $21.95 (includes shipping)
  • Slow Food USA is organizing a Labor Day Eat-In across the country.  On Monday, September 7, folks are gathering for public potlucks to push their message toward Congress: serve real food to kids in school.  Find an Eat-In near you via and sign their petition.
  • Food, Inc. Love your body, feed your head.
  • BPA Consumer Alert – Some feel betrayed by SIGG (more…)
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the eniCycle – a gyroscopic electric unicycle

The eniCycle is a rechargeable, zero emissions, gyroscope-controlled means of transport that’s probably best suited for circus performers, individuals who are strapped for space and those determined to risk their lives making a statement about alternatives in modern transportation.  Designed by Slovenian engineer Aleksander Polutnik, the eniCycle, though still a prototype, may soon be coming to a bike shop nearby. (more…)

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the elegant Cascata Rain Barrel


When you think of a rain barrel what do you picture?  Don’t you think of a huge ugly barrel that is an eyesore?  I know I do.  Finally here is an attractive alternative for saving rainwater, the Cascata Rain Barrel.  This environmentally friendly water capture device has to be one of the more appealing rain barrels around.  From a distance it looks like a clay pot, however, on closer inspection, you’ll find it’s made from a durable roto-moulded plastic. (more…)

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