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jennifer elizabeth jewelry – beautiful eco baubles

Is your fall wardrobe in need of a facelift?  Do you need to purchase a quality gift for that special someone?  Now you can score without spending a fortune or buying clothes in “the wrong size.”

Vintage jewelry is getting a glamorous upcycled treatment from 25 year old FIT grad, Jennifer Elizabeth.  Her classy, one-of-a-kind pieces will appeal to those who appreciate the past, but are very present. A handful of my faves from her handmade, debut collections, (ranging from $49 – $425):


(above) Treasure The Gossip from Rocks and Baubles, ($425)


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

San Francisco Bus Stops Go Solar

The San Francisco Muni lines, which already operate a range of eco-conscious vehicles (including more than 300 zero emission trolleybuses and 86 hybrid electric transit buses at 19% reduced fuel consumption), are taking energy-efficiency beyond the transit vehicles themselves.  The city plans to introduce 360 new solar-powered bus stops by the year 2013.


In less than four years from now, these state-of-the-art bus stops will feature solar panel rooftops that power Wi-Fi routers and interactive information panels around the city.  With a citywide wireless network, stay busy on your laptop while you wait for your bus to arrive.  Lost?  Need info?  No need to fret with city information available at the touch of your fingertips. (more…)

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NYC tests hybrid garbage trucks

Queen’s streets will soon be the beneficiary of New York City’s first hybrid garbage trucks.  Three new first-of-a-kind DSNY refuse collection trucks and one diesel-hybrid electric rack truck, which will utilize some of the most environmentally friendly technologies available, will began trash pick-ups next month.  The new trucks are said to get 20 to 30-percent better fuel economy (more…)

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Ken Burns helps kick off PBS film and National Parks Week in NYC

New York City’s Central Park glistens like an emerald, it’s the bright green jewel in our fair jungle. Get ready to celebrate the creation and preservation of this precious gem during National Parks Week NYC, September 19-27, 2009.


As the centerpiece of the festivities, there will be an evening of music and film in Central Park’s East Meadow on Wednesday, September 23 starting at 7:00pm with highlights from Ken Burns’s upcoming PBS series “THE NATIONAL PARKS: AMERICA’S BEST IDEA.”  Featuring an array of musical acts, the live show will be (more…)

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blue avocado bags summer blowout sale

I’ve tried many a reusable bag, but some of my favorites are from a line called, Blue Avocado.


They not only look cool, but also function so well.  They’re designed as a system of bags — in smart sizes and shapes, that are easy to store and extremely durable.  Whether picking up a few essentials or undertaking a hefty trip to the market, they just might become your next, best friend forever.

Founder (and blog pal) Paige Davis is extending a discount code to us, valid through August 31.  Just enter:  goodkarma40 at checkout, and receive 40% off purchases over $29.99 @

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Blue Avocado’s coordinated collection of reusable shopping bags

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