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Easun NatureCut Ideal 40 Push Reel Mower

id40mainImage1lgSM_1.jpgIn our techno savvy culture where a large majority of people spend a good portion of their day in front of a computer to earn their living, I found a product that will assist office workers and those working at home a way to get fit and accomplish something productive – mowing the lawn.  Even prisons are using this lawn mower to provide prisoners with extra physical activity.

The mower is the Easun NatureCut Ideal 40 Push Reel Mower.  It’s a very eco friendly alternative to a gas push mower.  The NatureCut Ideal 40 is the newest version of People Powered machines 2008 top seller, Sunlawn LMM 40.  This mower is very similar to the ones our grandparents, or great grandparents, used only with all the modern design improvements.

esun2lg.jpgThis people powered machine is medium weight compared to some of the other versions available. Its cutting width is one of the highest at 16”.  It is recommended for lawns up to 10,000 square feet. It has five blades that do not need to be sharpened for 8-10 years – wouldn’t our grandparents love that idea!  And there’s even an optional grass catcher available for an additional cost.

All in all… this push mower has what most of us need and provides us a way to get out of the office and into the fresh air.  The Easun NatureCut Ideal 40 Push Reel Mower can be found at for only $199.00 – includes free shipping.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

golf refugees – fun, carbon neutral golf shirts


bandithat290.jpgHere’s a U.K. company with a sense of humor.  We all know most golf courses aren’t really green in any way except for the color of the grass – but some folks still can’t (moi) give up the game.  Throw on an organic cotton, carbon neutral t-shirt or polo shirt from these guys and at least you’ll be making a street-golf statement against the stodgy, constipated golf culture that predominates.

shirts range from £19.99 to £29.99 @

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a sumptuous serving of green news


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land’s end intros eco-friendly backpacks


Land’s End is making your next hike, bus trip back to school, or monthly jaunt to Vermont a little greener with their introduction of a new line of eco-friendly bags, backpacks, lunch packs and totes.  The new line is made of recycled plastic bottles that have been processed into threads and woven into tough, durable polyester fabric.  The line also features a wheeled all-in-one overnight bag with padded laptop pocket.

find them @ land’s end

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