There’s something strangely intriguing (and respectfully frightening) when in close proximity to a bear—one of nature’s most mesmerizing mammals. From a distance, they appear soft and slow, but up close, the reality of their strength and strategy quickly hits home.


It’s life-affirming, really, the experience of being so close to these unique creatures; and that’s exactly what Natural Habitat Adventures leverages on their four “rare-access” bear-watching adventures. We dig NatHab for their eco philosophy and small group sizes that allow for one-on-one with naturalist guides and experts, as well as their carbon offset program and partnership with World Wildlife Fund, (WWF).

NHSB.jpgThis fall, you can catch a glimpse of some of the most endangered bear species and learn about the complex conservation issues currently threatening them on one of these eco-tours: Spirit Bears and Humpback Whales of BC—which highlights the rare, white Kermode (or Spirit Bears, to Native Americans), of which only a mere 400 remain; Wild and Ancient China—highlighting the Moon Bear, or Asiatic Black Bear, and endangered giant pandas in their natural habitat; Bears & Eagles of Chilko Lake—highlighting Canadian grizzlies in their grandeur; or Classic Polar Bear Expedition—need we say more? (photo above right: Spirit Bear)

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