A Tried and True, Green Products Review…I’m not a clean freak, but every spring and fall I go on a housekeeping tear; it helps clear the cobwebs from my mind.  I love this new line of green household cleaning products I used last week during my fall clean-a-thon. They’re amazing.  Planet-, people- and pet-friendly Better Life cleaning products are 99 percent derived from plants. No parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, VOCs, ethoxylates, ammonia, bleach, solvents, dyes, toxins or synthetic anything.

Here’s what I used: 2am Miracle, Even the Kitchen Sink gentle scrubber, I Can See CLearly, WOW glass cleaner, WhatEVER Clary Sage & Citrus all-purpose cleaner, a Euro Sponge and my favorite, their floor cleaner called, Simply FLOORED.  What’s really gratifying is that even after almost a week, I can walk barefoot and feel how clean the surface still is — there’s no film or residue on any marble, tile or wood surfaces. No need to use extra elbow grease, either.

Check ’em out – they perform beautifully, and get the job done, safely.  Visit BETTER LIFE’s Website @ cleanHappens.com to learn more.  Available at my Whole Foods, or find where to purchase @ cleanhappens.com