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recycled bottles become drinking glasses


By Nature has introduced a new range of hand crafted recycled glass giftware from U.K.-based, Who’s Glass.

whosglass4.jpgWhat’s interesting is that Who’s Glass’ approach to recycling glass, (reforming), is one of the most energy efficient possible – estimated to be 90% more efficient than re-melting the raw materials down and working from scratch.   Each bottle is made in the UK from locally collected bottles that are heated and shaped by hand, slowly cooled, hand signed and packed.  No glue is used (either with the glass or in the packaging) and every piece is hand engraved instead of labeled.

They make both branded, Corona, Coke etc., and plain glasses as well as good ol’ shot glasses.


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Thursday, October 1, 2009

a mixed bag of green news


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Let it Bee – a real fashion statement

As Richard Seireeni points out in Gort Cloud, many companies today are not only making the environmental movement part of their philosophy, they’re basing their marketing strategies on it.  Armed with a honey of a concept, here’s a jewelry company that’s putting a different spin on things.


Let it Bee’s entire reason for being is designed to heighten awareness about Colony Collapse Disorder.  CCD is the mysterious disappearance of worker bees from their hives, which causes the colony to collapse and ultimately threatens the pollination of agriculture and the food-supply chain. (more…)

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uranus – soy eco undies


Ah…what’s in a name?  In addition to making a pretty eco-friendly panty, the folks at Uranus Apparel obviously have a sense of humor.  These cute soyshort (soy meets boy) eco-panties are made with 100% natural vegetable dye and packaged in a burlap drawstring sack that’s 100% biodegradable – more than a couple of nice green touches.

For those ladies in the market for a comfy option in underoos, soy fabric possesses some cool qualities:  it’s warmer than wool; absorbent and breathable; softer, more durable and longer-lasting than cotton; able to dry more quickly than cotton; machine-washable and dryer-safe.

uranuspackaging.jpgThe soy fabric in these undies is manufactured from the by-products of soy food products, like tofu and soybean oil. Since the process uses materials that would otherwise be waste, it is considered to “close the loop” on soy – making it quite eco-friendly.

Uranus encourages customer to compost the burlap bag or reuse it as a pouch or reusable bag.  Now, about the tag line…”help save the planet starting with uranus”…

set of three panties $19.00 @

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