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Space Baby Beebo sculpture – recycled stuff


Ah…an eclectic assortment of funky recycled objects converge to become art.  Here’s a new member of Reclaim2Fame’s Tin Type Robot series made from recycled and salvaged items, including: in Space Baby Beebo’s case, a vintage alarm clock helmet, an American tin canister for its body and a bunch of other stuff. (more…)

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Oxfam America’s Climate Leaders Awards and Reception

Last Friday, Oxfam honored three women for taking action on climate change.  Honorees included Senator Barbara Boxer, California EPA Secretary Linda Adams and other government officials.


(above, Darren Santos/Oxfam America, Sisters on the Planet Ambassadors (l-r) Mary Wilson, Sharon Hanshaw, Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton, Elizabeth Becker, Rev. Dr. Miriam Burnett, Rachel Larson.)

Oxfam International coordinates the efforts of fourteen organizations.  Local Oxfams specialize in the regional needs of their community.  Currently, Oxfam Mexico is working on projects to support local agriculture.  Oxfam Australia is tackling indigenous poverty and worker’s rights.  Across the globe Oxfam organizations are organizing a “tck tck tck” campaign to combat climate change.

The program sponsoring Friday’s event, called “Sisters on the Planet” looks to connect women from all over the world interested in mitigating climate change. (more…)

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Mehu-Liisa stainless steel steam juicer

It’s apple picking season, and with that comes canning and preserving.   My grandmother used to make some of the best apple jelly, and lots of it.  She lived in Canada, where I am originally from; nearly every package we ever received from her contained a jar of her apple jelly.  That was one of the things we looked forward to in her care packages.  Grandmother has since left this earth, and one of the things I desire to learn how to do is to make her apple jelly, so future generations do not lose yet another one of these dying arts.

Confronted by the many pounds of apples waiting to be processed and eaten, I found myself in need of an alternative to the cheesecloth grandmother used to squeeze out the juice.  A friend recommended this Finnish-made, Mehu-Lissa 10 Liter Stainless Steel Steamer Juicer, a device that can save hours of work and produce faster results than hand-squeezing ever would.

From my perusing many reviews and my friend’s recommendation, it appears this is a product going on my wish list. It not only produces fruit juices, but can cook (more…)

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SodaStream – DIY soda making

A Tried and True, Green Products Review
Love sparkling water, but hate schlepping bottles home and experiencing the eco-guilt of tossing the empties?  I do, too. One solution…start using a sleek DIY soda-making machine from SodaStream.


We’re using The Fountain Jet and it’s great.  We’re saving money, time, energy and reducing our impact on the environment. Here are just some of the upsides:

  • it’s economical (no need to buy soda or seltzer)
  • no need to schlep heavy bottles or cans from the store all the way home
  • no need to store bottles or cans in your home
  • no need to recycle or trash empty bottles and cans
  • no batteries or electricity required
  • no need to manufacture bottles and cans for your soda consumption
  • no need to ship and transport soda from facility to market for you
  • turns tap water into sparkling water with a few pumps
  • builds upper arm strength (kidding)

We just fill up The Fountain Jet with tap water and start pumping. Once it’s carbonated, I pour into a tall glass, (more…)

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