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9 signs you’re an energy hog


  • a plasma screen in every room is this year’s home improvement goal
  • you think “Energy Star” is an award for burning more electricity
  • your electric bill is delivered by hand-truck
  • your home draws so much power it has a nice, warm glow on Google Maps
  • when you get home and turn on the lights theres a ‘hit’ on the national power grid
  • your home entertainment system needs its own electric meter
  • before starting your car, you program your SUV’s GPS to get you from gas station to gas station
  • you paved over your herb garden for extra parking
  • when you enter an appliance store the first words out of your mouth are, “Show me the biggest one you’ve got.”
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

It’s all in a name at Pollywogg Holler


Who wouldn’t be instantly enchanted by a name like Pollywogg Holler Eco-Resort?  Named for the serenade of frogs that welcome dusk, the Belmont, New York camp-style bed and breakfast is a case study in green living.

Guests wake underneath skylights, bathe in heated spring water showers, can stroll sculpture gardens, enjoy a wood fired sauna and slowly savor an organic meal cooked using non-electric methods. Most appealing, however, is the choice of unique accommodations like School House No. 4, built before the Civil War and used as a school house for more than 100 years, or the less-than-erotic-looking Phantasy Dome (below) that earns its name from an eight-foot-diameter floating bed (boasting a plethora of health claims).


In other words, booking a night here is definitely deviating from the norm. And with rates that start at roughly $100 per person, per night, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to heat up a cool fall weekend.

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eco fashionable bag from soda can ringpulls


This limited edition handbag is crafted from recycled drink can ringpulls and made in Salador, Brazil.  The skilled people who make these colorful handbags have been trained by the charity, Bottletop, which funds projects that have a positive impact on young people world-wide.  Proceeds from the sales go to Bottletop’s programs empowering young people through sexual health education.

£88 @ (international delivery available)

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fresh green news


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