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10 Reasons NOT to Go Green

We’re just trying to have some fun here…

  • You’ve been working for ten long years to complete a 30′ tall sculpture of Queen Elizabeth out of 20,000 recycled Ballantine Ale cans and your kidneys are about shot.
  • Putting your Hummer in neutral going down hills has saved you only .008 gallons of black gold per mile.
  • You tried a pair of hemp sandals but found them largely un-combustible and difficult to fit into any of your old hash pipes.
  • Your neighbor’s wind farm is blocking your view of the local oil refinery.
  • They have yet to make an authentic Ben Roethlisberger jersey out of organic cotton.
  • The Wave Power installation in your Koi pond won’t power your 3,000 cubic foot hot tub.
  • Scientists have failed at all attempts to make a 100% organic version of Velveeta.
  • Hamburger Helper’s new ‘All Vegan Simulated-Sirloin Helper’ just doesn’t get the job done for you.
  • That ‘Soy Hold’ hair gel you bought makes you look like Marie Osmond on a bad-hair day.
  • You were recently mauled by a horde of carpenter ants after a failed attempt to talk them out of your house.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Somebubby has fun with fashion


While pregnant with her soon to be first child, Kimi Chapman also gave birth to  Desiring to create something unique and chic for her newborn, Kimi refashioned her husband’s old neckties into mini bow and neck ties and attached them to onesies…baby ties.  Word spread and Kimi’s venture blossomed into a new business. (Onesies offered are either conventional or 100 percent organic cotton, at slightly different pricepoints.)


(photo credit:  top, Sarah Merian, The Baby Show NYC 2009)

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a mixed bag of green news


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