As part of LG’s “Life’s Good when it’s Green” initiative, which first launched back in January this year, the company recently unveiled a solar-powered touchscreen phone called LG GD510, or better known as LG Pop.

lg pop_1.jpg

The new smartphone can be powered for 2 minutes and 15 seconds of talk time (or 180 minutes of standby time) for every 10 minutes under the sun.  A lifesaver if you’re running low on power and don’t have a charger on hand.  Built-in software even let’s users monitor the amount of CO2 emissions they’ve cut with the use of the solar battery.

When charging via outlet, the phone displays a message alert when it’s fully charged, reminding users to unplug the charger and reduce their power consumption.

LG also made it top priority to keep the phone’s construction free of toxic chemicals (including PVC, BFR, and CFR) and uses packaging made from recycled paper printed with soy ink.

Don’t let its compact size fool you.  Phone attributes include: a full 3-inch touchscreen, a 3.0 megapixel camera for photos and videos, an mp3 player, 8 GB of space, and a 2G wireless browser (unfortunately, no 3G).

The phone will be available in Europe come mid-October, followed by releases in other markets, although no set timeline has been announced.  Prices will vary by region, but LG has assured to keep the phone affordable.