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Ore Containers recycled steel garden installations


Owner/designer Shane Larson’s Ore Containers creates modern, functional, and sustainable, containers, seating and firepits from recycled steel and aluminum.  The Salt Lake City design firm makes durable garden products that have a minimal impact on our environment.  Ore utilizes sustainable raw materials such as recycled steel, recycled aluminum, reclaimed hardwoods and eco-friendly de-greasers which makes everything they create 100% recyclable.

Many of Ore Containers recycled steel pieces are finished with a natural rust patina.  Steel has the strength to handle (more…)

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Greenie Tots – Natural, Ready-Made Meals


A Tried and True, Green Products Review
Here’s a fun and natural alternative to typical, off the shelf ready-made meals.  Greenie Tots offers all natural meals made from fresh organic produce, (their supplier is a local organic farm in Florida), and other ingredients purchased from Whole Foods’ 365 brand.  Greenie Tots meals contain no additives, pesticides, hormones or high fructose corn syrup.  The packaging is made from recycled materials and the plastic the food is cooked in is BPA-free.


Greenie Tots is a meatless fresh frozen meal that is minimally processed and is designed for children ages 6 months-12 years. Each meal is made to order (more…)

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the Dylan bamboo bike from Organic Bikes


A bamboo bike.  Nice.  Organic Bikes is introducing its new line of bikes and other sustainable products.  Each Dylan Bamboo Bicycle is built to the customer’s specifications.  Pick the color of your wheels, seat, grips, and style of handlebars you may want.  The Dylan features a frame made of proprietary laid-up natural bamboo tubing, and 100% recycled alloy frame lugs, bamboo fenders and handlebars.  Organic Bikes will also market:  biodegradable water bottles, bamboo and organic cotton clothing, messenger bags made from recycled materials, and additional bike models.


The Dylan will be available in December 2009.  The single speed model will go for $999, with the 3 speed version going for $1,099.  Find out more @

UPDATE: links were removed

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a heaping helping of eco news


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