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Rolling Hut prefab vacation cabins


Designed by the creative minds at Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects, this herd of Rolling Huts offers a low impact, civilized approach to camping.  The simple modern structures which reside in a former RV camp in Mozana, Washington sit elevated on wheels and offer a cozy perch from which to survey the surrounding mountains.


The single room huts sleep 2 to 4 and feature a few amenities including: wi-fi, microwave, fridge and nearby shower and toilet.  All this for around $100 a night.


The owner has allowed the field beneath the elevated structures to revert to its natural state, creating an additional connection to nature.

available in both summer and winter – rental info @

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

BMW Lovos: Solar-Powered Concept Car

Although experts say we’re still quite a ways from driving in cars powered solely by the sun’s rays, here’s a concept of what the future might hold – called Lovos, which stands for Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity.

Designed by 24-year-old artist Anne Forschner from Pforzheim University, Germany, in collaboration with BMW, this concept car (which resembles somewhat of an eco-batmobile) consists of 260 exterior “scales” of solar cells, which harness power from the sun while simultaneously functioning as airbrakes.  When the car is in motion, each scale re-aligns with the sun accordingly to collect maximum power (even the wheels).


Forschner envisioned the car to stand as a symbol of  “the conscious self-restraint” in relation to reducing consumption and minimizing waste (I’m assuming by using solar as the car’s fuel source).

No word on whether the car will ever make it out of its concept stages, but what do you think?  Can you see yourself in one of these?

Check out more photos  @

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The Craft Pantry – classic recycled cotton totes


You’ll be the envy of all your fellow shoppers at Whole Foods when you stuff your next haul of organic veggies into one of these classy canvas totes made from 100% recycled cotton.  The art from original photos and reproduction images is copied in hi-rez with rich archival inks and then heat transferred to the bag, by hand, via a commercial grade heatpress – fusing the image into the bag’s fabric with great detail and depth of color.

$20  @ the craft pantry’s etsy shop

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repurposed vintage watch necklace


This hand assembled, “Picasso Wrapture” pendant, consists of a repurposed vintage jeweled watch movement wrapped in antiqued silver toned filigree and accented with clear Swarovski crystals which complement the original ruby red watch jewels.  The pendant hangs from a cable link chain measuring approximately 20″ in length.  Genuine Picasso Marble bead stations have been added to the chain as an accent.

The watch movement has been inspected by watchmakers to verify that it can no longer be repaired to serve its original purpose.  Wrapture is reversible and can be worn as a gorgeous Neo Victorian look filigree drop, or as an edgier Steampunk design.

$80 @ asecondtime’s etsy shop – free shipping to USA & Canada

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