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Which Green US Automaker is Gaining Ground?

Here’s some surprising news… in a year when hybrid sales are slowing among the top green automakers (Toyota and Honda), Ford’s hybrid drive line-up is gaining traction.  In fact, the maker of the Escape Hybrid, and new Fusion and Mercury Milan Hybrids, has released news of an impressive 73 percent increase in hybrid sales over last year.

Know what that means?  Honda better keep close tabs on its second-place position. It’s beginning to look like we’ve got a tried-and-true American contender on the prowl.  (Yes, we know, Toyota—even with a 28 percent drop in sales—still beat out second place by more than a whopping 100,000 vehicles.)

We’re wondering, what’s your ideal eco cruiser? Would you opt for Ford’s urban Escape Hybrid SUV (gotta admit, I’m a die-hard fan of the pearlescent, mint green paint job) or do you still prefer the iconic style and fuel-sipping appeal of Toyota’s Prius?


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Kids’ Indoor Gardening Kit – Green Toys

You’ve gotta love hearing how companies are coming up with innovative ways to reduce the garbage going into landfills these days.  And as a parent, especially after the Thomas the Tank lead paint fiasco, you’ve gotta appreciate companies who are mindful of children’s well-being as they brainstorm about the next new toy to be developed.  Green Toys is one of those companies meeting both of these all important criteria that we look for today.  Parents and teachers alike will enjoy learning about this kid’s Indoor Gardening Kit.


This cool little green indoor gardening kit, especially designed for kids, is made out of recycled milk jugs.  It contains no PBA, no phthalates and no lead paint!  And it’s 100% (more…)

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