It intrigued me to come across a book entitled, The ABC’s of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond.  Many parents desire to teach their children good eating habits, especially in light of the current trend occurring across the United States – processed, convenient, fast food.  The book is divided into two parts.  The first part teaches the alphabet along with a fruit or vegetable.  Each fruit or vegetable corresponds with a letter of the alphabet and includes additional fruits and vegetables beginning with the same letter (if there is one!).   In the second half of the book facts, geography, recipes, jokes, projects, books to read and websites to visit are shared and explored. 

This was a good book for our family to review since we have such a wide variety of ages.  Half of our crew is well beyond their ABC’s and reading well above their grade levels.  The other half is a mix of preschoolers who are just learning their ABC’s, know their ABC’s or beginning readers.

abcsfv1.jpgThe younger crew likes the rhyming verses that accompanied each letter of the alphabet.  The pictures are bright and capture, as well as hold the children’s attention.  My preschooler has asked to read it again and again.  I like the fact that the fruit and vegetable illustrations resemble real fruits and veggies, making the book not only a teaching tool to help children learn to identify the alphabet but two of the most important food groups.

My older crew was disappointed when I stopped at the letter “H” for lunch – we were 45 minutes into the book by then and tummies were starting to growl.  Besides, my middle crew had lost interest about 10 minutes before.  They are boys and have shorter attention spans.  I want you all to know that you won’t necessarily be able to read this book all in one sitting, especially with varying ages and learning styles.  The second half is packed with information and depending upon your views – you may or may not agree with it all.

This is what my husband said, “It is definitely geared towards children, but sprinkled with adult humor.” And it is.  It is a fun book to read as a family.  None of us thought the jokes were funny, but some were cute.

Hats off to authors Steve Charney and David Goldbeck for providing a fun educational tool for both schools and families.