U.K. based Finisterre has moved way beyond its original surf apparel roots, and now focuses on the goal of manufacturing the best outdoor technical apparel, with minimal environmental impact.  The company’s ‘World First’ production initiative evaluates the impact of each product’s entire life cycle and weaves innovative thinking throughout its entire production process.

finister1.jpgJust a few of Finisterre’s cutting-edge approaches:

  • Biomimicry – the imitation of systems present in the natural environment and the application of their design to man-made products.
  • Natural Advantage – solutions built by nature.
  • Reclaim, Reprocess, Reuse – a multi-option recycling program relating to what happens to the garments after their life.
  • Eco-circle – the world’s first closed loop polyester recycling scheme.

The company’s products are designed in Cornwall and manufactured in some of the most ethically advanced factories on the planet.  Finisterre considers it to be one of the greenest product lines in the industry.  The line extends from merino wool boxer shorts and designer tees to high-performance jackets and outerwear.

Pictured above: the Matanuska MKII a light woman’s jacket suitable for antiques shopping or mountain climbing.  The jacket has been impregnated with beeswax for water resistance.