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water geeks – filter water one sip at a time

Say goodbye to plastic water bottles and hello to pure water.  We were recently turned on to Water Geeks’ stainless steel reusable water bottles and we love them.  The filter is activated each time you take a sip.  It’s like drinking water through a straw.


Just fill the bottle with tap water, and eliminate chlorine, bad taste, odor, lead — the replaceable filter “effectively filters tap water contaminants plus bacteria and other potential ground water contaminants.”  The ergonomic design feels good in your hand, too.  The 12-ounce size is available in vibrant bottle colors and tap covers.  Each filter lasts a long time (up to 800, 12-ounce servings).  find on our OpenSky shop.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

5 Power-Saving Gadgets


PLX Kiwi
Sure, hybrid vehicles can considerably cut gas consumption compared to conventional cars, but if you’re not ready to buy a new car, the patent-pending PLX Kiwi can help increase the fuel efficiency of your current ride by as much as 33 percent.  Compatible with any 1996 vehicle and up, the PLX Kiwi easily connects to the OBDII port (usually located under the steering column) where it gathers your car’s sensor data, including vehicle speed, RPM, engine load, oxygen sensor readings, and so on.  The Kiwi monitors and analyzes your driving behavior, then determines your car’s maximum fuel efficiency and identifies areas in need of improvement.  It even keeps track of how much gas and money you save when you modify your driving habits.  It’s available @ for $299.99.


reNEW solar battery charger
This ‘Pez’ inspired solar battery charger is one clever concept.  Unlike conventional battery chargers, the top load, bottom dispenser design takes out the “guess” factor in fully charging your batteries.  Batteries retrieved from below always come out fully charged, so you’ll never have to pick and choose.  And, because the frame can either stand on a desk or be hung on a window, the charger is versatile and visible for the home or office.  Made from biodegradable plastic and sustainable wool felt, it’s a wiser and eco-friendlier alternative to conventional chargers.  Unfortunately, it’s still in its concept stage.  via:


solar headphone radio
This Solar Headphone Radio is perfect for listening to the radio while outdoors, whether you’re gardening, taking a morning walk, or camping outside.  Its ultra-thin film solar technology provides 1-3 hours of listening power for every one hour of sunlight, with a fully charged headset able to run for as long as 20 hours.  Because it automatically recharges in light (even when in use), as long as you’ve got the sun shining above you, you’ll never have to worry about losing power.  It’s available for purchase @ for £24.95 (~$41.01) and comes with a 3 year warranty.


The Kiran solar lamp
The Kiran lamp combines solar technology with highly efficient LEDs to provide up to 8 hours of 360-degree lighting that is four times brighter than a kerosene lantern (see photo above).  The lamp can be hung, carried, or placed on any surface, and features 2 brightness settings to provide versatility for both indoor and outdoor use.  It is expected to be available on the market soon, and is set at a price of only $10, making it the world’s most affordable solar lamp.  Learn more @

shaver2.jpgFreedom Dynamo electric shaver
No batteries and no electric bill…here’s an electric shaver that offers more than just a close shave.  It brings you freedom from dead batteries and saves you the hassle of outlets.  With its Wind ‘N Go lever, men will never have an excuse to go unshaven again.  One minute of winding provides enough power for a full shave.  And, with three individual heads that flex and rotate, it won’t slack on performance.  You can purchase yours from Think Geek for $49.99 (price includes a travel case, mirror, cleaning brush, and adapters).

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