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surfboard coffee table kit


Are you into multi-tasking and reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ you have?  Do you live in a 100 square foot beach cabana?  Too cheap to buy furniture?  Here’s an idea – use your surfboard as a coffee table by night and a wave carving machine by day.  This kit allows you to transform any surfboard under 7 feet into a beachy coffee table and back again into a functioning surfboard in seconds.  Kit comes with instructions, bamboo base and velcro attachment.  $99.95 @

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

6 misguided DIY projects


We’re having a little DIY fun here…

  1. You got the ingredients mix wrong on that DIY shampoo and now sport a hairstyle that’s been kindly described as early “Telly Savalas”.
  2. The t-shirt quilt you’re creating chronicles your pathetic journey from Black Sabbath worshiper to Bon Jovi fanatic (it also contains 17 threadbare Bruce Springsteen tees).
  3. The DIY lamp you created out of old kitchen appliances was so frightening that your cat, Mr. Cuddles, took one look at it and has now been missing for over a week.
  4. In designing your own electric bike your only success has been in permanently numbing your ass from the repeated shocks from the ungrounded battery and exposed wiring.
  5. iStock_000003277702XSmall_1_1.jpgYour attempt to utilize your breakfast bacon grease as biofuel has transformed your Volkswagen Beetle into a driveway sculpture.
  6. You’re still removing splinters from your behind after testing a reclining chair you creating from wooden pallets you snagged from you company’s loading dock.
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recycled computer hard drive clock

What time is it?  Time to make a clock out of your tired old computer’s hard drive.  This clock should appeal to computer freaks, geekery fans or anyone related to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.  Made from the actual recycled remains of a dead computer.  The clock’s quartz movement runs on a single AA battery and the techie time piece has reversible, black or white hands.

$35 @ the pixelthis etsy shop0

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Natural Pod tree branch building blocks

natpodtreeblocksm.jpgNow here’s a toy for those rugged green kids in your household.  These natural wood building blocks are made in Canada by Natural Pod.  The blocks are created from kiln-dried, locally-sourced, renewable alder.  The colorful, 10 piece set contains a bunch of unique pieces that come in various lengths, sizes and diameters – all with a natural Harmonic Beeswax finish.

Forget all those plastic Chinese toys and go natural.

This set was recently named one of 2009’s Top 10 Eco Toys Under $30.

small set pictured goes for around – $29.95 @

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