Here’s a another great alternative to buying bottled water.   This Restore Clean Water System consists of an 8-cup pitcher and an ultraviolet adapter.  Restore has a unique dual-filter process for eliminating solid particulate material as well as bacteria and viruses from your tap water.  The pitcher has both a carbon filter and an ultraviolet germ-killing system.  Unlike pitcher filters from Pur, Brita, and Zero Water, the Restore pitcher has a two-step water purification process.  In step one – a carbon filter reduces any heavy metals, chlorine and industrial pollutants in your water – in step two, the unit’s UV purification system removes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and microbial cysts.

As our latest Tried and True Green Products Review, HoMedics was kind enough to provide us a free unit for testing.  We found that it took 4 pitchers of water to get the subtle carbon flavor of the particulate filter out of the water, but after that, the filtered water tasted fine.  The two-step process takes a couple of minutes, (the UV process takes 1 minute), and involves plugging the pitcher into the UV adapter, which has a retractable cord.  The unit has a smallish carbon filter (for filtering solid materials) that’s estimated to last 2 to 4 months, under typical home use.

The Restore pitcher, about the height of a typical milk carton, holds 8 cups of water and fits easily into our fridge.

In addition to eliminating bottled water from your shopping list and contributing empty plastic containers into landfills, the virus- and bacteria-killing UV feature of this filter will provide another level of peace of mind for folks who have sketchy tasting well water, or borderline municipal H2O (think Florida).

The system with one carbon filter goes for $99.99 and replacement filter cost a reasonable $7.99

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