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Global Green Design: An Eco-Traveler’s Dream


If your likes include a taste for green design and inclination to travel abroad (and whose don’t?), you’ll be eager to take a peek at Elevate Destination’s newest travel series, “Sustainable Travel for Green Designers,” which tackles green and global design issues in Panama and South Africa on two, 2010 experiential programs.

Created for the design-savvy adventurers among us, the tours meld eco design education and outdoor exploration to grant travelers an experience not found elsewhere.


In Panama (March 13-20, 2010; $5,500 per person), the company partners with Earth Train organization to unveil a newly established sustainable tourism plan and active architectural community. Of course, the intricacies of the Panama Canal are detailed and volunteer opportunities abound.

In South Africa (date and price TBD), travelers will get a first-hand glimpse of the grassroots efforts that are addressing the balance of humans and wildlife in a sustainable manner. Cape Town, Sandton, and ecovillage Lynedoch make the docket of must-see architectural jewels—and volunteering at the Shaster Foundation’s Indlovu (an Architects without Borders project) is also part of the plan. For details, call 617.661.0203.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

a bulging bag of green news


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100 bloggers + 100 green book reviews

Don’t miss this green event sponsored by Eco-Libris that we’ll be participating in tomorrow, Tuesday, 11/10 at 1p, Eastern Time.  Here’s the deal – over 100 bloggers have each received a complimentary green book — a book that has been published in an eco friendly manner — and invited to post their review simultaneously on Eco-Libris tomorrow at 1p Eastern Time.


According to Raz Godelnik, co-founder and CEO of Eco-Libris, “Very few books are currently printed responsibly and we hope this initiative will bring more exposure to green books. Through this campaign we want to encourage publishers to get greener and readers to take the environment into consideration when purchasing books.”

Over 35 publishers from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. are participating in this campaign, providing us bloggers with their latest books printed on recycled paper and FSC-certified paper for review. We are delighted to take part, and will be providing a review of Michael Byers’, Who Owns the Arctic?

About Eco-Libris
“Founded in 2007, Eco-Libris is a  a green company working to green up the book industry by promoting the adoption of green practices, balancing out books by planting trees, and supporting green books. To achieve this goal Eco-Libris is working with book readers, publishers, authors, bookstores and others in the book industry worldwide. Until now Eco-Libris balanced out over 110,000 books, which results in more than 120,000 new trees planted with its planting partners in developing countries.

For more information on Eco-Libris, please contact Raz 302-981-9843 or”  (via:  press release)

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One-Stop (Sustainable Food) Shopping


A bushel of food related insights into the future of sustainable farming, consumption and green kitchen appliances.

First off – I wish real labels had this: far-foods

If you’re looking for a super green kitchen addition, check out the flow kitchen (pictured below) by studio Gorm.


Products (water, food and waste) flow from right to left, ending in a composter and collection tray.  Honestly I just think it’s a really neat idea.

From the men that brought you King Corn, the musical that brings food to you!  I’m looking forward to Episode 3!

aherdshare.jpg (more…)

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