A bushel of food related insights into the future of sustainable farming, consumption and green kitchen appliances.

First off – I wish real labels had this: far-foods

If you’re looking for a super green kitchen addition, check out the flow kitchen (pictured below) by studio Gorm.


Products (water, food and waste) flow from right to left, ending in a composter and collection tray.  Honestly I just think it’s a really neat idea.

From the men that brought you King Corn, the musical that brings food to you!  I’m looking forward to Episode 3!

aherdshare.jpgs an Australian company looking to build a platform in which farmers and consumers can cut out the middle men, and we can become direct share holders in the herds we drink from.

Looking for something that your farmers market doesn’t have?  Find out who does, and be confident that you’re buying from a small producer at Foodzie.  Want to browse for sustainable options in your area?  Input your zip code at the Eat Well Guide and voila!   Another great resource for finding community supported agriculture in your area is LocalHarvest, specialists in local farms.

For a good look at a really successful and sustainable farm check out the men and women at Polyface Farms.  They’re so impressive even Michael Pollan has commended them as an example farm set up.


This is all great, but this vertical farm approach (pictured above) might be the future of urban farming.   Dickson Despommier spoke at TED 2009, and his talk should be posted soon.  (Another cool, but entirely unrelated TED Talk is from William McDonough on cradle to cradle design)

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