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Woodstock Chimes – Capiz Solar Chime


Who doesn’t enjoy the sound of wind chimes ringing in the breeze?  Woodstock Chimes offers a wide selection of chimes to enhance any patio.  I had the opportunity to test and review the Capiz Solar Chime from Woodstock’s eco friendly, Asli Arts line. The Capiz chimes are made from natural, renewable resources and handcrafted by Balinese artisans – hand strung and hand dyed.

The Capiz Solar Chime we tested uses full capiz shells gently farmed in Indonesia.  In the 1500s, capiz shells, the outer shell of the marine mollusk, were used as windowpanes in houses; however, today they are used in various home decorations, including lamp shades, vases and wind chimes.

What makes these chimes different is their solar panel and a LED light, which enables the chime to cast off a soft, mood enhancing light in addition to its chime.  The solar panel charges the chime’s battery during the day and a sensor turns the light on at dusk as the sun goes down.  The solar panel piece is removable making it convenient to hang the chimes with or without it.

Another feature of Capiz Solar Chimes is that they are not small.  (more…)

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

buy fine foods from local artisans @


Need an award winning cheese hand rubbed with lavender and freshly ground espresso for your Thanksgiving spread?  Wouldn’t lemon-dried blueberry biscotti wow your garden club at your weekly high tea?  Want to buy free range and organic meats, dairy or poultry in your area?

The folks at have created an internet marketplace for buying handmade, locally produced foods from artisans, farmers and small businesses in your area.  Forget making another trip to a big box store, go local and sustain and support small businesses in your community while enjoying quality, handcrafted baked goods, cheeses, beverages, seafood, sweets and vegan products from local purveyors.  RegionalBest features hundreds of products in over a dozen categories, including 225 foods for less than $25.

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Tiny Tango Hits the Road

For the past few years, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the case of the shrinking car, being especially fond of the increasing fuel economy that accompanies smaller sized vehicles. And today, we’re taking a closer look at the smallest car we’ve seen yet; one that offers the added bonus of an electric powertrain, too.
The Tango—on display at last week’s SEMA show, an automotive specialty trade show in Las Vegas—mirrors the smart in length, but features a doozie of a difference in width. The svelte two-seater (one seat in each of two rows), is only slightly wider than three feet, making it ideal for the urban commuter. A very successful urban commuter, that is. The tiny trike weighs in at roughly $150,000.

So what’s the lowdown? Tango will travel approximately 120 miles per full charge and go from zero to 60 in four seconds (impressive, no?). Because of its sturdy cage and bottom-packed battery pack, the narrow mobile keeps from toppling sideways when sliding into a tight street side parking space. Priceless. Almost. For full specs, visit

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a big bucket of green news


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