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esthec – eco-luxury solar superyacht


Are the terms ‘eco’ and ‘luxury super-yacht’ mutually exclusive?  I’m leaning toward ‘yes’ – although Swedish luxury car and yacht designer Dennis Ingemansson obviously doesn’t agree.   His 45-meter Esthec solar-powered superyachtdesign features a solar array and lightweight decking materials. (Update: Link removed)


The decking material is a lightweight composite made by the Dutch company Esthec, an innovative composite decking manufacturer.  The decking, which is lightweight, durable, recyclable and low maintenance, can be created in a wide range of colors and patterns.   To put you in the right economic zip code, the Esthec design was recently featured at the Monaco Yacht Show.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

a bubbling cauldron of green news


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Greening an Airplane from the Inside Out

YouTube Preview Image

When it comes to air travel, the fit and finish of a plane’s interior is oh, about as exciting as taking off my shoes at the TSA check-point. Be it worn leather or fabric stock reminiscent of the early ’90s, it is, after all, comprised of a small seat, pull-down tray, and the eyeball-like air vents that blast freezing cold air either directly at your eyes or nowhere near you.

Southwest Airlines isn’t decking out their plane interiors with gadgetry like Virgin, but they are transforming one plane within their fleet as an innovative “green plane”—melding efficiency, eco-friendly materials, and comfort. By tweaking the interior, they’re reaping the benefit of a nearly five-pound-per-seat weight savings, reduced emissions and waste. The test cabin, outfitted with 100 percent recyclable and carbon-neutral Interface FLOR carpet, e-Leather and IZIT Leather eco-friendly leather alternatives, lighter Life Vest ouches and comfy, lightweight PURtec Foam Fill, will continue to carry passengers as usual.

Only a few days ago, Southwest also kicked off their new onboard recycling program, created to divert far more material from the waste stream. The 18-month process took into account the airline’s 68 city service and each city’s recycling program… a daunting task, no doubt. Bottom line: Southwest and their Southwest Cares program is making admirable strides to greening our nation’s blue skies fleet.  Do steps like these determine which airline you’ll fly?

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