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Best & Worst EVs

This year, the automotive industry has been abuzz, unveiling big plans for electric vehicles set to debut in 2010 and beyond. While some of the cars prove promising, others have left us with an eyebrow raised. Here’s a round-up of the top newsmakers expected to launch in the New Year:


(photo above) Chevrolet Volt—We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for the debut of the much-hyped Volt, which is closest to hitting dealerships. Cruising Metro Detroit the other week, I actually caught a glimpse of a silver pre-production version out and about. It looks fantastic (what a tease!), but we’re waiting for a test drive to make final judgments.


(photo above) Nissan Leaf—Not exactly known for its green endeavors, Nissan surprised us with the Leaf, its lithium-ion-powered, sleek looking EV. Set to hit showroom floors late in 2010, it looks like it will be a true contender in the initial electric offerings.


(photo above) Tesla—Believe it or not, some of us eco-friendly folks are closet car enthusiasts. For that reason, we heart Tesla for mating speed with sustainability. We’re eager to see what more the automaker will make available since we’re quite impressed with what we’ve already seen.



(photo above) Ford Transit Connect EV—There’s a huge need for an electric fleet vehicle, and Ford will capture the sweet spot with this EV, which will run 80 miles between charges. We just wish their plans included an EV for the everyday consumer in 2010. Looks like we’ll have to wait for the 2011 Focus EV.


(photo above) Toyota iQ PHEV—Don’t get it wrong, we love the Prius. And that’s why we’re so bummed that we have to wait until 2012 for an EV from green king Toyota.


(photo above) Rolls Royce Electric Phantom—Seriously? The mammoth carbon footprint created to build this luxury-laden vehicle doesn’t exactly make an eco statement. We wonder what type of price tag the rumored EV might have when the gasoline version goes for a cool $450,000.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

west coast eco fashion – cali green clothing


If you’re a proud California resident with a sense of eco-style or you just want to exhibit a love of all things “Cali” this may be the lifestyle apparel choice for you.   Cali Green uses low impact materials, like organic cotton and makes all their stuff right in Calif0rnia.


The company store  is a little bare right now, but does feature some stylish headgear and a few clothing items – more is on the way – as they design and develop new items, and get them stocked.  The shot above is from CG’s LookBook.

find more @

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recycled bike tube with multi-font buckle


Are you a person of words and letters?  If you are, this recycled bike tube belt with  pewter buckle featuring letterpress type may let you subtly announce your literary tendencies.  Created by Seattle’s Steel Toe Studio, this ec0 fashion accessory is vegan, recycled, waterproof and versatile.

The buckle snap attaches and is also available separately.  Buckle measures approx: 2 and 5/8 inches by 2 inches.

sold in a variety of sizes for $85 @

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