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recycled t-shirts become fragrant sachets


Use these little (4″x4″) handmade lavender-filled sachets in place of chemical dryer sheets in your laundry or to freshen a clothes drawer.  Made only from used t-shirts these cute messengers of the 3R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) are filled with Washington State lavender buds.  Doubly secured, long lasting and eco-friendly.

set of 3 – $12.75 @ zJayne’s esty shop

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Friday, November 27, 2009

a post-holiday doggie bag of green news


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eco friendly alpaca dog sweater


seamlksupprofside___1_1_1.JPGIs there a sadder sight than a shivering pooch at the end of his/or her leash, hurriedly searching for a spot to do their business?  The weather’s gone bad, forcing canine’s with short hair (like myself, photo at right) to consider adding another layer of insulation.  One, both classy and practical choice is this super-warm Alpaca Sugar Chic sweater, (above), made from Andean alpaca fiber by Alqo Wasi.  Renewable, lightweight alpaca is 7 times stronger and 3 times warmer than merino wool.

The Alqo Wasi group works with local Andean women to create economic opportunities while promoting environmental preservation.

in sizes xx-small through large – $42 @ (don’t forget to enter code: OliveAC for 10% off)

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Buy Nothing Day 2009 meets Black Friday


Too much of anything is usually not a good thing — case in point:  over-consumption.  Life generally works best when things are in balance.

bnd1.jpgToday has been deemed, Buy Nothing Day, which may be the yin to Black Friday’s yang.  I like the idea of Buy Nothing Day, especially since it’s earmarked for Black Friday, November 27 in North America, (November 28, internationally).  There’s really no good reason to over-consume, it’s not healthy for us humans or the planet.  Let’s do what we do everyday — live consciously and considerately.  How will you be spending your day?  more about Buy Nothing Day here.

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