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Trees of Change – gift a tree


Here’s a real green gift.  Trees of Change allows you to give friends and loved ones the gift of a tree planted in their name in a U.S. National Forest.  Recipients even get to see photos and info on where their tree is planted.

We like the 4 pack of Tree Gift Cards.  The gift cards, printed on recycled paper, are sent directly to you, so you can give a Tree Gift anytime you want.

Each Tree Gift Card includes:

  • The planting and care of one tree in a U.S. National Forest replacing a tree destroyed by fire, insects or disease
  • A beautiful card and envelope with an explanation of the tree gift. Paper cards have plenty of room for your own message
  • The inclusion of your gift recipient’s name on our online Tree Registry
  • Online access to photos and information about where the tree was planted

For paper cards: each time you give one of the cards as a gift, just send one of the postcards that Trees of Change has included to them so they know when to plant the tree and whose name to add to the online tree registry.  You can also choose an individual E-Tree Gift Card, and Trees of Change will email your card/s to your recipient/s with a personal message.

The 4 Pack goes for $52 @ – Trees of Change offers a variety of other gift combos including gifts of trees for weddings and 2, 5 and 10 tree personalized gift plantings.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

vintage tweed iSockit case for iPhone or iPod


Juxtapose new and old…show the depth and breadth of your totally evolved sense of style by carrying your indispensable “I’m the coolest kid on the block” Mac gadget in a vintage tweed carrying case.

The iSockit’s all buttoned up, featuring a front pocket for accessories – $30 @ designer Blythe King’s Supermarket shop

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milk pricing – what’s the deal?


You put it on your cereal, pack it with your kids, add it to your coffee and use it to make sauces.  It comes in a variety of flavors and colors.  Yes it’s milk!  Skip the annoying commercials (who’s getting paid for those anyway) and let’s talk about economics.

On December 3rd over 100 dairy farmers traveled to speak with congress “to demand justice and overhaul a broken milk pricing system,” said Joel Greeno of Kendall, Wisconsin. What’s wrong with the pricing of milk, you ask?

It’s actually relatively complicated.  Milk goes through three stages: farmer, processor, and vendor.  The farmers have the cows and milk them.  They then sell this raw milk to processors who pasteurize and package the milk.  You see milk at the third stage, in the refrigerated section of your grocery store.

Dairy farmers are getting the short end of the stick, they’re being paid less than ever for milk that’s costing more and more to produce.  This is disproportionately affecting small farmers, who are having a hard time surviving.  The USDA estimates that farmers spend $18 per 100 pounds of milk, but they’re only getting back about $10 of that money.

There are several reasons for this gap.  (more…)

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a progressive little pile of green news


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