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Australian Scent – sustainable skincare

Whether traveling by air, or caring for your skin on the home front, here’s an all natural line of products to help keep your complexion and the planet balanced and glowing.


I recently discovered AustralianScent, and was surprised to learn that this company is New York City based.  Deemed food for the skin, these powerful goods are loaded with fatty acids, vitamins and protective antioxidants.


Here’s why we love them — they use:

  • only essential oils and organic botanical extracts for scent and color
  • cold press methods to retain active ingredients and nutritional properties of every ingredient
  • chemical free, paraben free, synthetic free, cruelty free ingredients
  • USDA and Ecocert certified ingredients
  • full concentrations for maximum effectiveness — no water to dilute, or whipping to volumize
  • aas3.jpg

  • biodegradable ingredients, so no toxins get washed into our water systems
  • ecofriendly glass, paperboard and tin packaging; (post-consumer recycled glass and packaging)

In addition to full size items, check out the handy Travel or Trial Size Kit, (above), as well.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

a mixed bag of green news


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