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organic lounge bed for eco dogs


I am now in the holiday recovery stage, that post holiday period when canines and humans sit back, or plop down and catch-up on lost sleep, whilst reflecting on the chaotic holiday season just past.

seamwtoylksup_1_1_1.JPGWhat better place for a fur ball such as myself to recline than on a comfy organic dog bed constructed inside and out with eco friendly materials.  Built like a couch with extra length for dogs who, like myself, like to stretch.  This nest bed is covered with organic cotton upholstery grade fabric and is machine washable and 100% recyclable.  The 4 sides contain removable pillow inserts for easy washing.  It also features a mat that can be pulled out and used as a crate pad, (I hate my crate).

The bed is filled with SustainaFill, an eco-friendly, allergy free, green fiber fill that is made from recycled materials in the USA.

comes in the 3 colors pictured above, and in several sizes – $119* from my friends @

*Don’t forget code OliveAC at checkout, and receive 10% off.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

op ed – the reheated global warming debate


It’s more than a little astonishing to witness the unmitigated glee and joy with which some global warming deniers have embraced the stealing (hacking) of some emails revealing that climate scientists may have fudged a decimal point or changed a phrase in a global warming study over the past twenty years.  Unfortunately, for us, the basic facts haven’t changed.

We’re still facing voracious oil companies; a finite amount of smog-producing fossil fuels and the accompanying acid rain and air pollution; gas and oil prices that are just itching to shoot up again; and fish containing enough mercury to classify them as a thermometer.  The folks at the big oil companies must be shaking their heads at their good fortune.  All those years and millions of dollars spent paying off their own scientists, meteorologists and Bush administration lackeys to fudge the numbers on their behalf, and this was all it took — a recession, a hacker and a couple of blowhards on Fox — to slow down Al Gore and his planet-hugging minions?

Don’t be fooled by the idiots posing as conservative representatives of the common man.  They are anything but.  The irony is that the current groundswell of populist feeling attacking the “progressive” movement — global warming and healthcare reform —  is really a misguided grasp for the good old days; you know, when government and big business worked seamlessly hand-in-hand to fleece the American public – it’s sort of like working class Russians longing for the iron-fisted certitude of Communism.

Change is hard, especially when there aren’t enough jobs to go around.  Time to grab a mitt and get in the game.

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