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eco toys that address the threat of extinction


Designer Josh Finkle’s Extinct Toys are modeled after recently extinct animals.  The handcrafted, wooden prototypes are designed with simple anamorphic, humanistic shapes.  It’s hoped that the cool-looking toys will create interest in the creatures and draw attention to the on-going eradication of many species.


Included in this set of prototypes are replicas of the Quagga, Steller’s Sea Cow, Thylacine and Pig Footed Bandicoot.  The packaging of each toy unfolds to reveal an educational graphic about the animal.  Great execution of a neat idea.   More images are available in Josh’s Coroflot portfolio.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

a big bundle of eco news


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sodafine – 2 eco garments in 1

You’ll literally flip over these threads.  Wear as a dress, or turn upside down, and wear as a top.  Versatile threads for your eco fashionable wardrobe.


Especially great for travel — pack this dress or top and decide on the spot which way you’d like to bop.  Just remember to pack leggings.  Organic cotton New Tube in coral or blue; made in Seattle by Prairie Underground, ($92) @

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baby legs – for eco tots

Adorable and practical.


Babies crawling around can use protection — leg and arm guards, if you will.  Meet BabyLegs.


Some, but not all styles, are made of organic cotton, (80% organic cotton, 12% nylon, 8% Spandex).  O Rose and O Tulips leg warmers (just above) are comprised of organic cotton, and on sale now, ($7/pair) @  Keeps babies warm and adds an extra layer of padding on those knees and elbows.

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upcycled butter dish + silverware = wind chimes

butterdishwindchime_1.jpgTransient Treasures created this unique wind chime from an upcycled, vintage silverplate butter dish and an assortment of old recycled, silverplated silverware.

Garnished with some vintage beads and a repurposed black metal chain — you’ve got a great accessory for you tearoom or coffee shop.

This might be a worthwhile DIY project for someone who is inspired to keep some other vintage stuff from making a trip to the landfill or cluttering up their attic.

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