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Apple gets greener in Greenpeace ratings


With all the CES 2010 product hype flying around it’s important to note that in the 14th Edition of GreenPeace’s Greener Electronics Guide, Apple, Sony Ericsson and Nokia top the rankings for product ranges free of the worst hazardous substances with HP following close behind.

Though Apple has followed through on its green agenda, Green Peace spanks electronics heavyweights Samsung, Dell, Lenovo and LG Electronics (LGE) for failing to follow through on a promised phase-out of toxics in their products.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

eco fashion friday finds – turn on the green

Have you noticed how greening our wardrobes seems to be getting easier by the minute?  Sustainable, ethical, organic, fair trade, recycled, upcycled, vintage and vegan designers and manufacturers — both indie and mainstream, seem to be proliferating like never before.  And as we all know, the more the demand for green goods, the better it will be for our bodies, planet and wallets.

New to our Friday features in 2010 will be a Roundup of a few of our recent favorite eco savvy fashion finds…here goes:


Handmade body adornments from Subversive Jewelry (above).


Fresh off the clothesline, former Vogue editor, Gale Parker opens her first shop in West Hollywood, and her Clothespin line of one of a kinds, (above) can be snatched off the Web.


Himane upcycles discarded umbrellas into eco chic fare, like this herringbone bag (above), or their signature totes.


And rounding out the roundup —  frocks made from adapted materials (recycled polyester, organic cotton and organic linen) from H&M’s new Garden Collection, (above)…in stores end of March.  Quite ironic timing – considering The New York Times earlier this week, siting H&M’s lack of regard for disposing of unused garments – (a small dish on that, via NY Magazine.)

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reclaimed elevator cable firebowl


Industrial sculpture meets backyard utility – Modern Metal Work handcrafts these outdoor fire bowls from woven and welded reclaimed elevator cable.

Sizes vary from 2 1/2 feet in diameter and 2 feet tall to 3 1/2 feet wide and 3 feet tall.  You can buy these babies at Modern MM’s online 1000markets store.

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fake hills – a new shape in urban living?


Is this the future look of urban living?  A residential housing development created with organic shapes and a combination of low and hi-rise components – kind of crazy looking, in a rolling hills meets roller coaster sort of way.


Beijing China-based design firm MAD is currently developing this project on a narrow waterfront site in Beihai, China.  The structure is intended to break up the often geometric redundancy of typical Chinese urban development.  Holes in the structure allow additional light, space and visual variety to permeate the development.


via: designboom

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