Here’s yet another consumer electronics gadget that has been slapped with the “eco” label.  Samsung sees the demand for external hard disc drives growing exponentially, so the company has targeted the young adult market by creating, (they say) a fashionably styled mobile drive that is durable, reliable and high density.  The new G-Series drives feature 1.8 inch, 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch size drives, whose beaded surface (all young people are attracted to shiny objects) reflects light and is highly scratch resistant.

The G-Series, introduced at CES, consists of the 2.5-inch G2 Portable with 250/320/500/640GB densities and the 3.5-inch G3 Station available in 1/1.5/2TB versions.  The new drives eco-friendly features include:  halogen-free construction, low-noise levels, low-power consumption and specs that meet the ROHS regulation for eco friendliness.

The G3 model features a power management system that can reduce power consumption by 95%.