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Blue Q – time for change

This chump change holder probably expresses how we all feel right now.


Made with 95 percent recycled post consumer material, perfect for tucking away those coupons, IOU’s and debit receipts…haha (4.3 inches wide x 3.2 inches high).  $3.99 @

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Uniform Project – slow fashion with eco style


While I’m not nearly as cute as Sheena Matheiken, mastermind of the Uniform Project, I can certainly get behind her message.  Her plan: wear the same dress every day for a year.  Well, not exactly the same dress.  She has seven identical dresses, one for each day of the week.  But the point is that fashion doesn’t always have to mean over-consumption.  Sheena makes each day’s outfit unique and cute by adding jackets, layers, jewelry and more; all from second hand stores, family or friends.  The product is a great example of creativity and sustainability to combat a world of disposable fashion.

Sheena is just one example of what the industry is calling “slow fashion,” an idea taken from the slow foods concept.  Fast fashion is mass produced pieces in places like Forever 21, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and more.  Consumers want a cheaper version of what they see on the runway.  Slow fashion takes a look at this mass produced fashion industry (the parallels to food are infinite) and tries to slow this whole trend cycle.  Sheena shows us that enhanced small changes and creativity to an outfit can produce an infinite number of great outfits and looks.

Fashion is slowly picking up on this movement.  Companies like Slowear and Whistles are starting to embrace the idea of unique pieces, but the real pressure should come from us.  Do you really need a new sweater?  Are you buying clothes that rip or get ruined within a few years?  Try investing in well made clothes that are versatile.  Trust me, no one will notice if you wear the same pair of jeans two days in a row, or a cute shirt twice in a week.  We’re all much too busy to notice things like that.

People like Sheena give us extreme examples of slow fashion, but we can make it real in our own lives.  Instructables is a great source of inspiration for making unused clothes new again!

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eco friendly casual wear – tribe worldwear


Good looking, casual duds made out of earth friendly bamboo and organic cotton — produced Fair Trade in factories powered by wind and solar power — and hand-printed using fully-washable, non-toxic water-based inks – nice.  We’ve pictured only a couple of U.K. based, Tribe’s designs, but they offer a growing variety of eco tees and hoodies.   Find more on their website.  I like their style.

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Go Green EXPO LA – Jan 22-24, 2010

Although I’m green with envy – living in NYC and unable to attend this year’s left coast Go Green EXPO next weekend – I’m glad that our San Diego based Rose will be there to check it all out and dish about the goings on.


This year’s Expo in LA features over 300 exhibits — from solar energy, water purification & efficiency systems, green building companies and hybrid & electric cars — to organic food, eco-baby & pet products, health & organic beauty items, eco-friendly cleaning products, and much more.

  • January 22nd is the B-to-B day for business buyers, CEOs, press, & procurement professionals – complimentary admission.
  • January 23-24 is open to all business professionals and all consumers & their families – only $10 at the door or just $5 with the promo code below.


Ed Begley Jr., Mariel Hemingway, John Picard, Jayni Chase, Alexandra Paul, Gregory Wendt, Jen Boulden, Anna Griffin, Anna Getty, Paul Pelosi, Eric Corey Freed, Lawrence Comras will be leading exciting speaker panels on:  Green Jobs & the Eco-Economy, Green Entrepreneurship, Healthy Living, Sustainable Investing, Children & the Environment, Eco-Fashion and more…

And new to the scene this year:  a Green Jobs Expo with top companies, an Eco Food & Wine Tasting Pavilion, an Eco-Film Festival and an interactive Kids Zone with Yoga instruction.

Save time & money by buying your ticket in advance at and save 50 percent, ($5) on the ticket price with promo code: gge50

If you’re interested in exhibiting, call Bradford Rand 212.655.4505 ext 223 or email him:

Having experienced the NYC based Expos for the past couple of years, I have to say, they were a lot of fun and worth every minute.

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a mixed bag of green news


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