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Q-Speakers, solid wood, high-end and sustainable


Love the look of these…simple, modern and sustainably made – when the folks at New Zealand’s Q-Speakers decided to go horizontal with their all-wood speaker design they consulted The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ sound engineer, Dave Levine,  “We want to make a gorgeous horizontal speaker system that doesn’t look like every other system, can we?  Like a water drop in a pool, the sound waves reflect off the metal base and thus Q, with Daves help, created what they call “reflective” audio.

Designed by Grier Govorko and hand-crafted in New Zealand from sustainably grown maple, each Q-speaker uses an internal 70W stereo Class D amplifier and a mono 30W  woofer amplifier.  No wasteful use of plastics by Q – the speaker boxes are solid and perched atop a powder coated aluminum base in white or charcoal.  The piano lacquer white speakers are made in toxin free MDF and hand lacquered.  These speakers aren’t cheap and are only available at specialty audio dealers – they’re designed with architectural attention to detail and built to last.  Now if I could only give them a listen.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

eco fashion friday finds – turn up the green

We’ve edited a small collection of random pieces and odds ‘n ends from the ever-growing world of eco threads — some casual gear that caught our eye this week.


Here are the stars of next year’s Jersey Shore and I smell trouble — as Snookie says, “I want in.”  No really… this his and hers hemp wear is not only made out of hemp, but features herbal delight graphics.  These duds will definitely put you in the mood for some tropical fun…from Hawaii-based, Island Hemp Wear.



I’m a sucker for a cute drummer boy photo.  Supposedly inspired by Tom DeLonge of yesteryear’s Blink 182 (just kill me), check out Macbeth cruelty-free, Vegan sneaks @


4 Stroke Jeans is a NYC based organic denim house for guys and gals.  From real casual ripped up, just rolled out of bed looks to cleaner casual styles with graphic enhancements, (above, L – nice)!  What more could a hip urban-ite want?


Sticking with our tropical, warm weather theme…Billy & Lola bathing suits go all eco by taking pre-loved antique sheets and turning them into comfy swimwear.  From bikinis to pin-up styles, these are no strange bedfellows.  Makes me want to take the plunge. @

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Supreme Court Decision will hurt the environment…bigtime


Our conservative-leaning Supreme Court has handed environmentalists, climate change legislation and Democratic candidates in the upcoming Congressional elections a live grenade.  If you had the feeling our guys in Washington were already bought and sold, it’s only going to get worse.

Yesterday’s court ruling removes many of the recent restrictions placed on campaign spending for corporations and their dirty step children, political action groups.  The major impact will be a spluge of fact-free and entertaining political attack ads and commercials, many from faceless political action groups financed by big corporations festooned with phony patriotic names like Americans for Liberty or the Campaign for Working Families, (which does anything but).

Some of you may recall attack ad classics like the compellingly racist “Willie Horton” ads used to defeat Democrat, Michael Dukakis, or the more recently rancid “Swift Boat” ads that sank Vietnam war hero John Kerry’s presidential run (why is it always guys from Massachusetts?).  Now, in addition to the anti-environment drivel spewing out of the Fox News pantheon of mentally challenged talking heads, we can look forward to television airwaves filled with crappy, political attack ads.

Corporations fighting:  EPA clean-ups, emissions caps, limits on land use, or food and drug legislation can now pour cash directly into ads supporting their candidate or cause — and we all know, that historically, the American public just eats-up a good ad campaign – witness the sales of questionable products ranging from Pet Rocks and Amish space heaters, to the horribe Snuggie – not to mention this week’s election of the “I love my truck” candidate from, once again, Massachusetts.   The environment is in for a rocky ride.  Maybe it’s time to put down the remote, turn off the home theater system and do something about it.

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