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Himalayan Dog Chews – for the evolved dog


I consider myself nothing if not evolved and adventurous, and that’s why these Himalayan Dog Chews hold a certain fascination for me.  These tooth cleaning chews are the offspring of an ancient Nepalese recipe.  The chews, which are created in the mountains surrounding Mt. Everest, are made using traditional ingredients – yak and cow’s milk seasoned with a touch of salt and lime juice, with no additives or preservatives.  The yak and cow’s milk are boiled and then dried for several weeks to create a hard chew.

seamlksupprofside___1_1_1.JPGThe chews were discovered by a Peace Corps volunteer, who, while stationed in Nepal, adopted a puppy and had to create a teething treat for it.  He discovered that a hard, cheese-like product made for, and consumed by, the Nepali people was the perfect answer to their puppy’s meditative teething requirements.

The treats are of the highest quality and have been laboratory tested and certified to be bacteria-free. A dog has to work on the treat for hours to soften it before small parts can be slowly scraped chewed off.

Available for small or large dogs @
(enter code:  OliveAC for 10% off any and all orders)

I await my free sample to perform my customary taste testing regimen with my fellow pack members here in Massachusetts.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sustainable Ski Getaways


For most of us northerners, the initial excitement of winter’s first snowfall has long passed.  The snow – or slush, if you will – that remains on the ground today is more the sloppy, soaking-through-your-shoes kind.  Definitely not the kind of fluff you can build a snowman with. In fact, to get to the good stuff, many of us have to pack our bags.  And in weather like this, planning a vacation doesn’t take too much convincing.

Why not take a break from the street side slush for a sustainable ski weekend away?  You’re guaranteed to find fresh powder if you choose a mountaintop smartly. And if you’re wondering where to start, simply check out the Ski Area Citizens’ Coalition Report Card, an independent listing that rates recreational ski areas on environmental performance and policies.


This year’s score card takes into account several categories: habitat protection, watershed protection, global climate impact, and eco practices and policies.  Based on performance in each section, the resorts are rated, ranked, and posted for review, allowing vacationers to spend travel dollars at properties that are giving back to the planet.

This year’s “Top 10” eco ski destinations:
Squaw Valley (Calif.)
Aspen Mountain Ski Resort (Colo.)
Buttermilk Mountain Ski Resort (Colo.)
Sugar Bowl Ski Resort (Calif.)
Sundance Resort (Utah)
Alpine Meadows Ski Area (Calif.)
Park City Mountain Resort (Utah)
Bogus Basin Mountain Resort (Idaho)
Aspen Highlands Ski Resort (Colo.)
Powderhorn Resort (Colo.)

To see a breakdown of the ski destinations’ “eco scorecards,” click here.  If you’re interested in seeing the least sustainable ski resorts, check out the “Worst 10.”  And learn more about the criteria upon which these scroes were based, here.

Just don’t forget to pack the green snow gear. If you’re in need of some new equipment, consider a bamboo snowboard or bamboo skis. … or take a gander at some of the outdoor retailers who may contribute to the 1% for the Planet organization.

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Eco Bowling Bag from Recycled Wrap

In honor of Jeff Bridges, (The Big Lebowski), who just won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in his latest film Heartland, I thought I’d feature this happy looking, large Bowling Ball Bag, the Drysdale.


I’d cart the annoying essentials like hairbrush, wallet, keys, sunscreen, lipgloss and water bottle in there rather than an actual bowling ball, (I am the worst bowler).  A kitschy way to keep that non-biodegradable wrap out of the landfill and into our recycled world. Fair Trade made by women in the Philippines, at Doy Bags.  on sale now, (£10.05) @ UK-based, or if you wait til Doy Bags reopens February 7 — scoop one up at for $33.99.

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a big pile of eco news


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Attention City Dwellers: You, Too, Can Keep Chickens!


I did not expect this delightful reference to be one of my most memorable reads of 2009, but author Barbara Kilarski (at right ) and the folks at Storey Publishing left me so impressed that I’ve had Keep Chickens! on my mind for the last eight months – and no, I don’t have any chickens. Not yet, that is.

kilarski_1.jpgI stumbled upon Keep Chickens! At the famous Powell’s Books in Portland accompanied by a “Staff Picks” blurb. As I flipped through the book, not only was I impressed by its clear organization, engaging writing, factoid boxes, and vintage chicken ads – I started imagining chickens, beautiful chickens pecking around my own backyard, and I was really excited. I couldn’t bring myself to reshelf the book, so I purchased it instead.

To be honest, I don’t generally read reference books and how-to guides straight through. I go to them when I need them. I had planned to have this book available for whenever I made the plunge into home-grown, fresh eggs from happy chickens. Instead, I read the book cover to cover in intervals over a couple of days, and I’m sure my friends can tell you that I was extremely enthusiastic about chickens. This gem is not a dull reference manual; it’s an entertaining, bite-sized read (more…)

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