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make your blog carbon neutral


A German company is offering to plant a tree for every blogger that signs up for their “Make Your Blog Carbon Neutral” initiative.  Just write a short blog post, like this, about the program, put their badge in your sidebar and email them your blog’s url and they will plant a tree, in the fire ravaged Plumas National Forest in Northern California, in your blog’s name.

The tree will be planted by Arbor Day Foundation, the program’s U.S. partner.  Arbor Day Foundation is a non-profit, conservation and education organization with the goal of helping reforest 5,500 acres of Plumas National Forest with 792,000 trees.  It’s estimated that a single tree will neutralize the emissions of the average blog for 50 years.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Desert Essence – Organic Moisturizing Hand Wash – a Tried and True Green Product Review

Although Bailey was kind enough to provide a sample of Desert Essence’s new Hand Wash, this product review, like all of our Tried and True Reviews, is in no way advertorial.  My opinions are just that — my opinions, based on first-hand experiences.  And my puns are unintentional.

To put this new product — Desert Essence’s Moisturizing Hand Wash (Grapefruit flavor) to the test I compared it to a hand wash without moisturizer — an antibacterial foaming pump soap that I just happened to have on hand, by Bath and Body Works.  I wanted to really see whether or not my skin would feel smoother with the “moisturizing” hand wash.  So I used each product exclusively for 2 consecutive days.  Here are the results.


I’ve gotta hand it to Desert Essence — their new product really outperformed B&B’s.

Bath & Body Works’ Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (Wild Honeysuckle) left my hands feeling old and dry.  It cleansed my hands, but felt harsh on my skin.

Whereas Desert Essence’s new Organic Moisturizing Hand Wash smelled good, cleansed and actually moisturized.  (more…)

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solar powered bird repeller – what’s up with that?


Another waste of good tech…Most people try to attract birds, but if you’re one of those individuals with a bird problem or avian phobia this solar-powered novelty might pique your interest.  This thing’s spinning, 5 foot telescoping arms, (I wondered what happened to my TV’s old rabbit ears), will theoretically frighten birds or confuse them – much as it did me.

You can hardly classify this device as a green gadget — since the plastic, motor, solar panel and other raw materials — are used to create something pretty much unnecessary…now if you could dry your undies from the arms, in lieu of your electric clothes dryer…

$52.97 @

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a steaming coil of green news


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Holistic Mothers Network at Go Green Expo

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this past weekend’s Go Green Expo in LA had a ton of gadgets.  Some were silly, others were innovative, but after hours of walking around and talking to vendors it was pretty clear that only a select few of them really got it.  What do I mean by that, you’re asking.  What I mean is that there were very few vendors who understood why what they were selling was important (if it was at all), and even less of them understood the roots of the problems and the complexity of sustainability.  I mean, Coca-Cola was even there, and we all know how I feel about Coca-Cola (hint: they’re evil).


There was one group, however, that really got it: the Holistic Mothers Network.  These are women who support each other, and (perhaps more than those without their own little kiddies running around on the planet) are extremely invested in where this earth is going.

The HMN looks at parenting and sustainability in a very real sense; they want the world to be a better place for their children to live in.  They’re in touch with sustainability not just as solar panels and fancy hemp based baby clothes, but also from a moral and ideological standpoint.


They support movements like Fair Trade, local food, composting and alternative energy.  They provide a wide range of doctors and resources on their Website for women to inform themselves about holistic ideas.  Probably most importantly, they get-together like-minded women, in one room – and we all know how powerful that can be.  Not to mention, their kids at Go Green were really freakin’ cute.

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