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eco fashion find – upcycled cuffs + bracelets



That marketing bonanza, Valentine’s Day, will soon be upon us.  It may be time to find some affordable baubles for those ecofashionistas in your circle of influence.   These eco-friendly wrist cuffs and bracelets are primarily made from recycled and upcycled belts.

over 200 featured – with most cuffs going for $17 or $18 @ stapsnw’s shop

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TranSalon electric bus concept


Designer Shiao-Fang Shen conceived the Transalon electric & low-floor bus as an addition to the fast public transportation system in China’s cities.  The designer states the bus concept focuses on “high efficiency, easy transmission & environmental concern.”



The shape and form of the TranSalon are intended to integrate the harmonious and calm feeling of Chinese traditional architecture with the dynamic feeling of marine life.  Hmmm…public transportation has never looked this good.

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Tesla Plans an Affordable EV for 2015


Good news. Within five years, electric vehicle enthusiasts who savor the style of Tesla’s sleek roadsters – but not the pocketbook – may be able to slip behind the wheel. In a recent article by the UK’s Autocar, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed plans to bring to market an affordable EV option, reported to ring in at approximately $30,000.

The yet-to-be-named vehicle will join the lineup that currently includes the company’s $110,000 two-seater (slated to cease production in 2011), as well as the recently announced 2012 Model S sedan.  Rumored to mirror the BMW 3 Series, the new car holds potential to be a springboard for a similarly badged coupe, sedan or crossover variant.  And according to Autocar, it will be built right here in the U.S. at a new west coast plant.

Such a car could bump Tesla’s production volume to nearly 200,000 vehicles per year, staking claim as a practical (not just pretty, performance-based) manufacturer.

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a big batch of eco news


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